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Location: Westmead, Parramatta
Completed: 2016


Amicus with Design & Construction partner AriiSmits were engaged to provide services to the Microbiology Department at Westmead Public Hospital in the form of a hospital first laboratory.

The microbiology lab centres around a state-of-the-art agar plating machine worth tens of millions of dollars. All aspects of the design support the use and upkeep of the plating machine and have allowed Westmead Hospital to provide a potentially life-saving service in a fraction of the time it took previously.

The design challenges included the redesign of a decades-old building to appropriate regulatory standards and the specification of specialised materials and finishes that would allow for perfect operation of the space.

We increased the versatility of the space by providing design solutions that allowed for more staff to be present at any one time, without reducing per staff square meterage.

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