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Change, Actually


We're a strategic and cultural consulting team embedded in a design and construction firm - strange bedfellows!  

And when we applied our own methodology to ourselves we ended up in the top 10 in Australia’s Great Places to Work award.

Now we're offering to share our method and our research data about rapid change.

In June we're hosting an event to share the model, present case studies, data and proof points on cultural change using the model and give participants a practical tool to apply the techniques in the model.

To hear more about the event or the Touchline model and receive a free ticket to the event, register your interest below.


 The Strategy
The method we're offering can be deployed by CEOs in rapid 'sprints' to galvanise a team around multiple change levers that all target a well-defined goal. And we have data to show it works.

Context Blindness The fish in our graphic says 'what water?' because it has 'context blindness'. It is very difficult to see what has become highly familiar.

Many change strategies fail at this layer: in the structural gremlins that are so taken for granted that no one knows they are there, and yet are exerting a silent but overwhelming influence.


It's no good for just one person to have a "Eureka!" moment. Effective strategies require powerful teams to rally together.

 The best way to do this is to engineer for a shared "Eureka!" moment - when the collective wisdom of your team creates momentum and shared ownership.


Our 'Touchline' methodology allows a rapid, collaborative cycle for identifying a 'sprint' goal, and deploying a range of contextual interventions to really land the change.

In April, we will share the model, present case studies and data and give participants a practical tool to apply the model's techniques.