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Stage 1 - Design

We spend the time to understand your project in detail to ensure you get exactly what you want. Careful consideration is given to the function of the laboratory, hazard identification and mitigation, what lab equipment needs to be installed, the degree of flexibility required; and your staff complement (current and forecasted) and their physical working conditions. Laboratory design plays a fundamental and critical part in ensuring that laboratories are safe places to work.

Amicus can provide guidance regarding spacing between benches, the height of workbenches and considerations regarding power, data and gas outlets. Additionally, we supply safety showers and eye washers, safety signage and cabinets for the storage of hazardous substances.


Stage 2 - Fabrication

The fabrication process involves a team of expert design consultants and skilled fabricators collaborating together to produce quality facilities to meet any specification.

One of the key decisions in fabricating your new laboratory is identifying the right benchtop and furniture finish to meet both your needs and budget for your application. From chemical resistant laminate tops to thermosetting resin benchtops (such as Trespa Top Lab), polymeric benchtops (such as Corian) and stainless steel, we will provide you with the most appropriate options.

With over 30 years of experience and expertise to draw upon, we will help you make the right decision.


Stage 3 - Installation

Good Planning: We endeavour to ensure that the client is involved in the whole process from design and layout to material selection, and even choosing colour schemes. We will continually update you during the fabrication and installation stages, ensuring you are kept abreast of our progress and our expected date of completion.

Clear Communication: Open and structured communication with key stakeholders is the heartbeat of every successful installation with Amicus. We work in tandem with architects, site and project managers and builders to ensure that the project benefits from a robust structure. Plus, co-ordinated project management ensures a smooth project installation.

Professional Installers: Amicus’ installers are laboratory installers so they understand the nuances of the industry and the behavioural patterns of its users. They are also flexible enough to meet last minute variations that can occur during a project.


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