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Amicus are riding the Tour de Cure 2019

Team Amicus are riding the Tour de Cure and we need your support!

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Safety Day 2018

Safety Day 2018 Health & Safety starts with you! Knowledge, communication and ongoing development empowers individuals and businesses to make quality choices for a safer, more productive and happier work environment.   At Amicus we focus on what we do and why we do it. Our mission is to positively influence as many workers globally as possible, that’s not just our clients, not our Amicus staff, but our whole team (contractors, designers etc) who help from start to finish get our projects over ...


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Amicus and Changing Change International have partnered together to co-host the #CULTURE18 company culture and disruptive leadership summit on 15 May 2018 in Sydney.  Amicus and Changing Change International have aligned to bring you this event and to reach our goal of positively impacting as many workers globally as possible. We plan to positively influence 100,000 employees from this Summit and are looking for attendees who will be ready to take what they learn and “DO | DREAM | DARE"  with ...


Is your office out of date?

Everything points to yes. The signs that point to your office being out of date: No social place to meet or eat your lunch comfortably There are no plants You smell paint, plastic or it’s dusty Managers clock watch and measure hours versus output Employees are rewarded being in early and finishing late There is access to soft drink in the fridge You have one style of space to hold a meeting and it’s a room with a traditional table & chairs in it The office hasn’t had an update in 5 years The ...

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Do the values of the company you are working with matter? We think they should…

Celebrating International Women’s Day in 2018, hear how Amicus support women at work. How important is it that your values align with the company you choose to work with? For us, our values affect everything we do. We take the time to get to know our clients and their company’s values to see how to best align who we are, with who you are. After all, the work environment journey is often not a short one and our goal is to be your trusted support - and you - our client for life.


Amicus are riding the Tour de Cure

Team Amicus are riding the Tour de Cure and we need your support!


Workplace Flexibility - It's a Matter of Trust

Around this time last week my office was evacuated. The old Gold Fields House building next door went up in flames shortly before 9am on Tuesday.

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We've changed

We've changed There’s nothing like a fresh start for the New Year and at Amicus we are excited to share our new brand with you. Together with you, our clients and partners, Amicus has been delivering innovative workspaces for 12 years. We pride ourselves on being the one solution our clients can rely on to define, design and deliver an inspiring new workspace or laboratory.

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