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Amicus and Changing Change International have partnered together to co-host the #CULTURE18 company culture and disruptive leadership summit on 15 May 2018 in Sydney.  Amicus and Changing Change International have aligned to bring you this event and to reach our goal of positively impacting as many workers globally as possible. We plan to positively influence 100,000 employees from this Summit and are looking for attendees who will be ready to take what they learn and “DO | DREAM | DARE"  with ...


Is your office out of date?

Everything points to yes. The signs that point to your office being out of date: No social place to meet or eat your lunch comfortably There are no plants You smell paint, plastic or it’s dusty Managers clock watch and measure hours versus output Employees are rewarded being in early and finishing late There is access to soft drink in the fridge You have one style of space to hold a meeting and it’s a room with a traditional table & chairs in it The office hasn’t had an update in 5 years The ...

Workspace Design & Construction: integrated vs separate

I have been designing and constructing workplaces since the early 90's, at a time when a D&C model was unfashionable, workplace design usually consisted of lots of offices and meeting rooms, open plan was nearly non-existent and the Architect reigned supreme! The changes that have occurred over the last 20-odd years are significant. The Design & Construct model is now popular for fit outs under about 3000m2, traditional workplace design moved to open plan, then hot desking was the go and now ...


Modern Interior Office Design Is About Innovation and Easy Style

Today offices have literally “broken up” the traditional office model. The days when places of work was characteristically cubicle with staff enclosed in banal white walls and white fluorescent lights, has had its day. Graphical wallpapers have replaced crisp white walls. Modern interior design for offices has changed dramatically. Ergonomic appeal is the call of the day. Thanks to large successful corporations who fashioned their offices on the premise that “creative work environments energize ...

Law Office Design Trends

Not long ago, lawyers used to work in isolated, cluttered and hard-wired offices. However, the things have changed and a new generation of attorneys has started to look for more flexible office settings that offer the latest advancements in aesthetics, ergonomics and technology. Recent law office design trends allow these professionals to redesign their old, spacious offices to function as multipurpose rooms that offer impressive technological capabilities.

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