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Change, Actually.

We have developed and applied a new human centred design tool called ‘Touchline’. Both within Amicus and with our clients we have achieved measurable cultural uplift from using the tool, and it is now ready to share.

In a bootcamp style virtual workshop, you will learn to use ‘Touchline’ by jumping in and getting hands on. You’ll identify a experiential / cultural ‘moment’ that you want to see happen more frequently and reverse engineer this moment to a series of contextual changes across what we call the three ‘Touchlines’ – physical, information flow, and shared understandings. You’ll also learn a visual mapping technique that allow teams to create powerful strategies that sit across the three touchlines and work together to create the moment in question.

Solutions Exchange.

How we work and live is changing quickly...what is a crisis today, is business as usual tomorrow. Through sharing our experiences and expertise we can more easily pivot our initiatives and lead our organisations through the current uncertainty.

The Workplace Solutions Exchange is your network of HR and workplace professionals and leaders, hosted by Amicus, where we learn from the experts as well as share our own experience and get to ask questions of others. A running record of the breakthrough ideas is maintained and shared for everyone’s benefit.

Thriving in the Construction Industry: Communicating with people you don’t relate to and can’t stand.

Many people in Construction are looking to upskill or future proof their skills, but there aren’t many learning offerings out there that specialise in BOTH future skills AND Construction. So, we have designed some modules to support our broader community at no cost. This is our way of helping people thrive and grow during the tricky times of COVID-19.

This is for people who are after high participation and interaction – coming into the virtual workshop with cameras on, ready for robust discussions and hands-on involvement.

Thriving in the Construction Industry: Learning new ways (vs being stuck in the old).

Receive tips and resources on how to innovate in your everyday activities so you’re continuously learning new ways (vs being stuck in the old).

This webinar will be broken into 3 sections: What skills will companies be hiring for in 2030, how can you keep continuously learning new ways (vs being stuck in the old) even if you don’t have a Leader or Mentor to guide you; and how you can get better at innovating in everyday activities.

Thriving in the Construction Industry: Keeping yourself current in 2020.

Imagine going to a networking event… or speed dating! It’s like that, but virtually.This is for people who are after high participation – coming into the online chat with cameras on, and ready to offer ideas and learn from each other through conversation.

We will break into groups numerous times with guided discussions including “where you are going for paid upskilling these days?”, “where you are going for free upskilling these days?”, “where you are going for networking these days” and more.

Thriving in the Construction Industry: ‘You can ask that’ – To Design & Construction Experts.

You will be hearing from a Construction Manager – for best ways of working with others i.e. designers, architects, clients; what they do in a typical week, challenges and best parts of the role; how to grow career to ultimately be a Construction Manager; when hiring Contract Administrators and Junior Project Managers do you need to move regularly to new opportunities to fast track your career.

Also from an Interior Designer – what’s trending in technological innovation, sustainability, habitability and health solutions; Interior Designers and Project Managers – what do they have in common, what are the key differences and how can we close the gaps on these differences; ‘fresh faces’ – how do we get ‘in’ if we’re not already known to you in some way, main differences between workplace design vs retail vs hospitality.

A very interesting method to help leaders of a business to come together and work on the virtual, physical and culture challenges that impact people's engagement at work.
- Amy Childs, Momentum Energy
Touchline is a great tool to help break down the ‘what if’ out of any change strategy. I found this session to clear any confusion around moving forward with our upcoming projects.
- Lindsay Farquhar, Amway
Our company is going through a big change process. It's daunting, but today's session with Amicus and the practical tools they have presented gives me a lot of confidence and ideas for tackling the next step.
- Derek Sadubin, CAPA
Touchline is a practical and engaging tool to help businesses get to the heart of their challenges and create a proactive and collaborative approach for solving them.
- Leigh Meagher, Hydro Tasmania

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