First Nations Action Program

Acknowledgement of Country

Amicus is proud to be operating on Traditional Gadigal Country of Sydney, Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country of Melbourne and Yuggera & Turrbal Country of Brisbane. Amicus acknowledges ancestors and elders, past, present and emerging and is committed to bridging the gap through employment opportunities and building relationships.

Leadership Commitment

Our First Nations Roadmap is strongly supported by the leadership team including Amicus co-founders, James Kemp and Andrew Holder.

Amicus leaders and team members share a commitment to working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to implement initiatives that provide opportunities, partnerships and support for First Nations communities and people, particularly within the construction industry.

Acknowledgment of Country is now integral to our National Townhall and other key meetings. This acknowledgment is posted on our website and within all team members' email signatures.

First Nations Action team

In August 2022, we formed our first First Nations Action team. This is a group of committed and passionate leaders and staff who, alongside Abe Archibald, co-founder of Traditional Projects, are developing and implementing meaningful and practical actions for reconciliation.

Here are some of our recent initiatives:

1. Partnerships 
2. Cultural education 
3. Our suppliers and trades 
4. Amicus sharing

  • Partnerships
    In 2022, Amicus commenced a partnership with Traditional Projects, an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned project management business co-founded by Andrew Anthony and Abe Archibald. This partnership aims to build capability and growth for Traditional Projects via mentoring, project partnerships and learning opportunities. Abe also supports the Amicus First Nations Action Program and in connecting Amicus to First Nations suppliers and communities.

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  • Cultural education
    Cultural awareness education teaches us to recognise and appreciate cultural difference and interact successfully with people from different cultures.

    It can be a vital component to ensuring respectful communication and collaboration.

    At Amicus we want every employee, contractor, client and supplier to feel respected, included and free to be themselves.
  • Our suppliers and trades
    As a construction company, we have a key opportunity to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suppliers and qualified tradespersons throughout our contracting network and supply chain.

    We have commenced the development of a pre-qualification system and supplier identification program which will give preference to genuine First Nations suppliers. This program, led by our National Construction Manager Patrick Van Maanen, will access existing networks and the Supply Nation register to pre-qualify First Nations owned construction businesses, enabling them to tender for contracting opportunities on Amicus projects.
  • Amicus Sharing
    Amicus Sharing is how we share our financial success. Every 6 months Amicus employees receive a share of our net profit. We have extended this program so a share of net profit will also be donated to a not-for-profit organisation which supports First Nations people.

    In 2022 Amicus donated to Health Habitat, who work with local communities to improve homes for better health. In 2023, Amicus supported Elizabeth Morgan House, an Aboriginal led organisation which provides refuge accommodation and specialist family violence services to Aboriginal women and their children.

    Elizabeth Morgan House is committed to protecting the right of self-determination of all Aboriginal women and their children in Victoria.

    Amicus staff were also provided the opportunity to donate a part of their profit share to the chosen organisation.
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Our Reconciliation Action Plan

To help put our aspirations for reconciliation into words, we have developed an Amicus Reconciliation Action Plan Charter. The Charter explains how we express our commitment to reconciliation through:

- ​Being Inquiring about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, their history and cultures. ​

- Being Inclusive of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and cultures. ​

- Being Collaborative and acting as a catalyst for development of mutually valuable partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders and communities. ​

- Being Aspirational about making a difference in the life outcomes of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. ​

- Acting with Integrity toward Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and cultures.

We are continuing our cultural awareness and engagement. Along with ongoing learning opportunities through information sessions, we have also started introducing a range of culturally sensitive actions and opportunities for engagement with First Nations issues.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan involves:

- Integrating indigenous elements into project delivery. This is starting with our own offices, you will soon see Aboriginal art from local areas bringing indigenous culture into our work space. ​

- Increasing our indigenous supplier partnerships, including non-trade partnering. Abe will be re-joining us and playing a critical role in fostering this goal. Russell Smith will be connecting us into community too.​

- Embedding beneficiary organisations and widening the nature of our support beyond financial donations. ​

- Seeking to support Aboriginal people in the workplace, be it ours or providing sponsorships in other workplace settings. ​

- Enhancing our allyships. We plan to develop allyships in NSW and Qld, and enhance our allyship with EMH in Vic.
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Be a part of our First Nations Reconciliation Roadmap

Amicus is on the journey to First Nations Reconciliation. We believe every individual and organisation can play a part, big or small, in actively building capability and relationships across cultures and bringing us all a step closer to reconciliation.

With a strong commitment to work towards providing opportunities and partnerships across our business and networks, we encourage our clients, suppliers, partners, and tradespeople to join us. 

Reach out if you want your next workplace project to make a positive social impact, or if you are a supplier or tradesperson who would like to join our network of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander partners.

Our commitment to reconciliation is a natural extension of our Amicus values and mission to improve lives. It is through our relationships we can deliver positive outcomes for our First Nations partners and suppliers.
Andrew Holder - Chairman/Founder at Amicus
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