A little bit about us

Amicus is Latin for friend

Amicus is Latin for friend, so as friends, wherever your strategy takes you, we’re coming along for the ride. We’ll translate and demystify a complex world of cutting edge and highly innovative fitout solutions into simple choices and clear outcomes. We’ll help you rethink how your spaces can inspire your employees and your customers.

Our Story

Amicus was formed by friends James Kemp and Andrew Holder back in 2005. The company formerly traded as TDA Interiors from 1988 before re-branding as Amicus in 2005.  

We work across a variety of spaces including Workspace, Hospitality, Laboratory and Education, offering a full suite of solutions including Strategy, Design, Furniture, Technology, Construction and Move Management. Our journey since 2005 has led us to be the leading dedicated fitout company in Australasia and the recipient of many awards for innovation, growth and culture.

Our Difference

It’s not always about the cheapest solution, but one which brings the most value, and will stand the test of time as your business evolves. 

Our strategists, designers and project managers are experts in marrying your physical environment, and the experiences it delivers, with your vision. 

Our clients choose us because we know how to create the best physical, technological and social environments to achieve your business, cultural and financial objectives. We know that when people feel inspired by their environment and the experiences they have there, they’ll want to inspire others.

The Group
  • Integrated Project Delivery
    Amicus creates spaces for organisations that want to translate their business, brand and cultural objectives into their environment, and the experiences it delivers. These organisations are ready for change and have an appetite to rethink how they inspire people. With an end-to-end strategy, design, construct and ongoing service, we accompany our clients through this positive transition.

    Adapting our approach to give the right level of modification, restructuring and rethinking to achieve the right outcome, our consultants advise, guide and support our clients. Amicus comprises multiple subsidiary brands that help bring your spaces to life. We create inspiring spaces that not only embody your culture and values but also foster productivity and wellbeing.
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  • Diagnostic & Planning Model
    Touchline is a diagnostic and planning model for human-centred design. The framework identifies powerful insights and strategies for transforming workplace culture, employee experience (EX), or client experience (CX).

    The brand exists to add value to organisations by providing tools to help identify what behaviours they want to promote, describe the possible changes that the organisation needs to make, and put those changes in action.

    Touchline allows sophisticated strategies to emerge, recognising a range of cultural moments and provides just the right accountabilities and freedoms so the right moment can occur at the right time.
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  • Health & Wellbeing Solutions
    At the Future Human Co. we develop and showcase solutions that drive better wellbeing in spaces where people work, learn, sleep and play.

    We work with you to develop the right strategy to achieve your wellbeing goals. Through our unique Touchline for Wellbeing model we can harness the power of space to change behaviour. We explore the physical, technological and behavioural elements which can be leveraged to create healthier environments and enable people to thrive.

    Our hand picked leading wellness products designed for workspaces, learning environments and the hospitality sector are showcased in a live office environment for you to experience first hand. From Circadian Lighting to Energy Pods and Virtual Fitness Gyms our aim is to improve both physical and psychological wellbeing.
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  • Global Alliance
    The United Workplace is a formal network of like-minded businesses, based globally but sharing common values, ethics and goals. All members share a passion and many years of experience in delivering successful workplace projects. Inspiring design, innovation and a culture of collaboration underpin everything they do.

    The fundamental goal of the member’s network is to provide a consistency of services and local insight on a global scale to fulfil your design and fitout solutions. All partners have been handpicked and share similar values, culture, passion for the workplace, track record and financial stability. This is the first network of its kind in the workplace industry with such a varied mix of partners and skills.

    Globalisation is accelerating and having the ability to link businesses, exchange best practices and share knowledge is a distinct advantage for the clients of the businesses who are aligned via The United Workplace.
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Our Corporate Social Responsibility

We like to share our success and give back to those less fortunate than ourselves. At Amicus, we genuinely care about our social impact. Our company’s existence is not lonely. It’s part of a bigger system of people, values, other organisations and nature. 

Our Awards

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