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An Integrated Solution

The Design and Construction (D&C) delivery model for fitouts is fast growing in popularity. A D&C approach means that the design and construction firms are hired as a team under a single contract with the client.

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The Design & Construction Model for Fitouts

The time and cost saving appeal of D&C is that the traditional conflicts between designers and construction management are greatly reduced. With D&C, all members of the fitout team will benefit from refined processes and communication.

The existing synergy between the design and fitout portions of the project typically result in a more streamlined process for the client, and the model is better suited to accommodate changes to the work if required. 

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Learn more about the advantages of using the D&C methodology, enabling the fitout process to be fast-tracked.


How to does D&C stack up against the traditional methodology. How can projects delivered using the D&C process be handed over up to 30% faster?


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