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Education Spaces: Learning Environments

We translate and demystify a complex world of cutting edge and highly innovative fitout solutions into simple choices and clear outcomes. We’ll help you rethink how your spaces can inspire your employees, students and your visitors.

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Profile: Education Spaces 

Whether the ambition is to improve wellbeing, develop efficiencies or inspire individuals, our broad experience and industry knowledge of construction sees us add value over and above our clients’ expectations.

We create spaces for organisations that want to translate their business, brand and cultural objectives into their environment, and the experiences it delivers. These organisations are ready for change and have an appetite to rethink how they inspire people. With an end-to-end and ongoing service offering, we accompany our clients through this positive transition. 

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We are uniquely equipped to support schools in all aspects of the creation of new learning spaces. Whether it’s an innovative STEM space, a library refurbishment, or full construction of a new building or facility, we can come to the table with a combination of integrated services that are unheard of in the industry.


We get that different schools need different services. If you just need a builder, we’re at your service. If you just need some pedagogical visioning with your teacher or leadership team, we can help there too.


if you’d like an end to end journey that starts with learners and learning, extends to the teaching and parent community (and perhaps beyond), and culminates in a new space with powerful new practices – we can bring all these pieces together into the perfect picture.


Our understanding of technology comes from our understanding of pedagogy. In great learning environments, the technology dovetails seamlessly with the built environment around a clear vision for learning. 


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