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Strategy Profile 2022

We’re specialists in helping organisations make the most of that rare opportunity when they are changing their physical environment. We help our clients navigate through the complexity of culture, change and design trends and find the unique sweet-spot for their new environment.

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Strategy Profile 2022

Savvy leaders are becoming increasingly aware of the powerful impact that the physical environment has on their people, taking the time up-front to explore how their workspace design can drive culture and contribute to higher performance. As well as this, they’re investing time and energy into making sure that everyone is brought along on the journey.

Our highly-experienced Strategy team partners with you in this vital work to look after “the soft side” of the move, so that you’re able to realise the full value of this rare opportunity for change.

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If you’re thinking of refitting or moving, this is a rare moment in time when the depth and pace of organisational change can be amplified. We’ll support you to define a clear vision.


Wanting to explore whether higher levels of flexibility are right for your organisation? We help you to understand the latest global thinking and work with your leadership team to form a consensus view on the way ahead.


Looking for high levels of collaboration? Want to be more innovative or customer-focused? By employing our Touchline framework, we identify he conditions necessary to create the change you seek. 


Facing a tightening of space in your current location? We help you to identify ways to accommodate your growing size and create a better environment for your people.


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