At Amicus we aim to have a team of high-performers across every area of the business. The diversity of our growing team comes from the fact that an Amicus employee is hired on their attitude, cultural fit and ability to grow and bring benefit to the company whatever their role, background and experience.

Why work at Amicus

This cultural fit can be just as crucial as background and education in many cases. Our recruitment process through an online portal called FlareHR enables those who apply to answer a series of questions on video as well as a simple personality test. This allows us to gauge an applicants’ enthusiasm, positivity and skill before making the decision to meet someone. High performers are only high-performers if they bring the attributes of accountability, team-player and positivity as well as add value to the success of the company.

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Wellbeing Programme

At Amicus we have a Wellness Programme set up to for all of our staff. The evidence is too compelling, a fit and healthy team at works makes for a more productive environment with less sick days, higher levels of concentration, and a great ability to deal with the increasing stress levels that exist in the modern work place. These are all incredibly value reasons and certainly key reasons why Amicus is so passionate about our established wellbeing program. The Amicus team are exposed to a number of Wellness activities and talks, these include meeting monthly to hear experienced speakers on a range of topics, lunch time picnics to get out and about, weekly office yoga, massages, and many more!

Available Positions

Available position with Amicus

Friends with Benefits

Our mission at Amicus is to positively impact the lives of workers globally and of course that starts with Amicus employees. This booklet is a brief glimpse into how Amicus ensures employees feel as valued as they are.




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