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Amicus 5 Year Club Company Event


A few weeks ago, we celebrated the Amicus 5 Year Club. It’s been over 2 years since the last event, so this year was a pretty big deal.

What’s the Amicus 5 Year Club?  

It’s a club to celebrate the employees that have been with Amicus (continuously or accumulatively) for 5 years or longer. Currently the group consists of 25 staff members and makes up 29% of the wider team, many now in leadership positions. Untitled-1-Dec-13-2022-05-19-48-3831-AM

Celebrating the 5 Year Club in Hobart 

This year, the 5 Year Club travelled to Hobart from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to come together, create memories and share individual experiences of their time at Amicus.  

Once they arrived, they were immediately given their ‘party bags’ filled with all the essentials (i.e. Panadol and sunscreen) for an event away with colleagues. Piling into the bus, they first headed to the Mona. Mona provided an immersive experience as the team dived into the world of modern art, sparking a sense of curiosity, creativity and discussion as they viewed the exhibitions.

The group enjoyed walks to restaurants and a leisurely bike ride to a local brewery, taking in the sites of Hobart. During downtime the team embraced their competitive natures playing Jenga and even Amicus Bingo guessing which baby photo was who in the team.  

As the week went on, the group began to appreciate their unique skills, while agreeing that there is still much to learn. Some learnt how to ride a bike again, others were figuring out the directions home, and for some, it was giving themselves permission to relax and hang out with colleagues. Overall, it was a wonderful 3 days of storytelling, team building and reflection of their experiences belonging to the Amicus Family. Untitled-1-4

T.A.P Values 

 Our 5 Year Club are role models to the wider team and are people who consistently uphold the Amicus T.A.P (Teamwork, Accountability and Positivity) values.  

Our mission at Amicus is to positively inspire as many workers globally, as possible, and this includes our own team members. Our longer serving staff have made major contributions to both our mission and the projects they have delivered over the years. We celebrate and recognise their loyalty, dedication and commitment to our mission and TAP values.  

The T.A.P values are the three pillars embedded within our workplace culture. They represent who we are as people, how we relate to each other and how we work and approach challenges. It’s been a recipe for why so many of our staff have chosen to stay with Amicus and it’s a testament to the robust company culture that we have continuously nurtured.  

To learn more about the Amicus 5 year club and our culture click here.


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