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CEO Can't Sleep. Reason: Culture


CEO Can't Sleep. Reason: Culture

We recently read a Financial Review article quoting an astonishing statistic: 'Corporate Culture' is the third most cited issue keeping company directors up at night.  

The article, by Sally Patten, put forward the current banking crisis as a stark example. When culture goes rotten, the stakes get very high indeed. 

You don't need a cultural crisis to be interested in changing culture.   

Most CEOs recognise that as an organisation and its competitive market evolve, culture cannot become fixed.  

As the saying goes: "Culture eats strategy for breakfast."  

Here at Amicus we read the AFR article and decided it was high time we spoke up. 

Since 2016 we've been honing a cultural change method in the field with a range of clients. We’ve met with real success validated with data.   

The method is called "Touchline", and we've spent the last few months converting it from a full-blown consulting process to a DIY 'sprint' technique that any leader can pick up and rapidly deploy. 

Over the coming weeks we'll be publishing some of the core principles in a series of posts, running up to an event planned in April where we'll share a toolkit that executives can deploy to energise their leadership team around rapid sprint strategies that can genuinely overcome cultural inertia. 


This post is part of Amicus Strategy's 2019 series exploring how changes in the environment can be used to shape organisational culture. Click here to express interest in our Touchline toolkit and our event in June.  




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