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How does workstyle impact space requirements?


How does workstyle impact space requirements?

The first question you need to answer when considering how much space you will need for your organisation is how people will work in the future.

In a traditional workplace, where everyone gets a desk and collaborates in meeting rooms, how much space you need is straightforward. A desk for everyone, a place to eat, several meeting rooms and your office is ready to go.

However, as workplaces become more purposeful, flexible and collaborative, there is some additional complexity to working out how much space you need.

Some key questions you will need to answer to develop an understanding of your workstyle are:

  • What will be primary purpose of the office?
  • Will all staff share desks in the future?
  • Are you a high, moderate or low collaboration organisation? Does this vary across teams and roles?

Answering these questions allows you understand your organisation’s unique way of working, which will ultimately determine the type and number of settings (your ‘kit of parts’) that you will need in your future office.

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