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Workspace Wellness. Mind-Body-Energy


Workspace Wellness. Mind-Body-Energy

We attended the unique WIDAC Wellness Workshop at the incredible Brickworks showroom this month. Our very own Jessica D'Imperio and Lara McDonald from our Melbourne team joined the conversation on the latest trends in Workspace Wellness and heard some new exciting stories.

The event explored the topic of Wellness from the perspective of Mind-Body-Energy. The first half of the night included presentations by great speakers – Corporate Wellness Expert, Dr Debra Villar, Psychologist, Mr Manson Ignace, Nutritionist, Ms Sara Leung, and Intuitive Healer and Mindset Coach, Ms Manelle Connelly. The second half of the night, the attendees were encouraged to break into small groups and rotate between the speakers who led mini-workshops.


The WIDAC event was a great opportunity to network with others within the design, construction and related industries but also a fantastic chance to gather information around the multifaceted Workspace Wellness world.

A great discussion around the importance of mental health at work and how our wellbeing can influence our work environment and people we have around us. A topic we are particularly passionate about here at Amicus having recently launched community brand, Future Human Co. – a visionary that showcases the world’s leading health and wellness products, technologies and programs.

Intuitive Healer and Mindset Coach, Manelle Connelly lead an inspiring workshop on techniques to stay away from negative energies spread by people we have around. Connelly taught us how to preserve our inner positive energy and how to react in a positive way in the workspace - converting our negative thoughts into positive to be repeated constantly in our mind.


It was great to see other likeminded business willing to achieve the same wellness goals we live and breathe at Amicus. We believe the importance of creating cultures that enhance employee wellbeing are now bottom-line issues – not a ‘nice to have’ but a ‘must have’.

If you’re interested in joining the conversation, book a tour of our Future Human Co. Experience Centre today. Witness first-hand the future of work, hospitality and education spaces.


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