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A look inside this year's Amicus TAP Summit


Amicus TAP Awards: Celebrating Teamwork, Accountability & Positivity

Set against the backdrop of Mount Tamborine's natural beauty, this year's annual TAP Awards Summit was the perfect setting for our team to connect, recharge, and celebrate our core values of Teamwork, Accountability & Positivity (TAP).

The TAP Awards Summit presents an opportunity for the team to come together as a group to toast to the achievements and reflect on any challenges we faced throughout the year.

This year's summit continued with the theme from yesteryear – Storytelling. As we basked in the great outdoors during the ‘Storybook Tour’ consisting of roaming workshops outside in small groups, we shared professional stories, personal stories, and stories of teams.

Amicus TAP Summit Mount Tambourine


All this led to the TAP Awards Night dinner where the Amicus Family nominated team members whom they believe best embodied each category: Teamwork, Accountability, Positivity plus an overall TAP winner.

This year, there are six winners!

TeamworkCaddie Sanders

AccountabilityDavid Taylor

PositivityEric Soong & Lauren Adams

Overall TAP WinnersHollie Mikolajczyk & Steve Collis


TAP Award Winners
Congratulations to our TAP Awards Winners. Yes, the medal is a tap!
TAP Award Winners
Congratulations to our TAP Awards Winners. Yes, the medal is a tap!
TAP Award Winners
Congratulations to our TAP Awards Winners. Yes, the medal is a tap!


What Teamwork, Accountability & Positivity Means to Our Winners

Amicus TAP Summit Mount Tambourine Teamwork


To Caddie, teamwork is about empowering each member in the team to be accountable for their actions, responsibilities and growth to achieve a common goal. It's loving what we do and collaborating together that provides an amazing outcome for our clients.

I like to engage all team members, so everyone has a holistic view of the project, feel engaged and are on the same page. I try to encourage, mentor and develop junior team members and firmly believe our successes are team gained, not achieved by just one person and similarly so are our mistakes.
- Caddie Sanders, Pre‑Construction Project Manager in NSW
Amicus TAP Summit Mount Tambourine Accountability


David knows that accountability is not just an individual pursuit. Leading and empowering the team to promote accountability and build a solid foundation of trust is something he strives for.


Accountability means doing what you say you’re going to do and delivering on what you propose. Having the difficult conversations with clients, colleagues and suppliers if expectations can’t be achieved.
- David Taylor, Pre‑Construction Project Manager in VIC
Amicus TAP Summit Mount Tambourine Positivity


Being a beacon of positivity is key to having a good time and keeping morale high! Joint winners Lauren and Eric share their insightful takes on why positivity is so important both at work and in life.

The dictionary meaning of positivity is the practice of being positive or tendency to be optimistic in attitude. I believe your life is as good as your mindset, and having a positive outlook keeps your sparkle alive!

- Lauren Adams, National Account Manager in QLD

Being positive is a by-product of having the right perspective and being grateful for what you have. You can’t always choose what happens to you in life, but you can choose how you react to it!

- Eric Soong, National Estimating Manager in VIC


Overall TAP

Finally, we have another set of joint winners this year with Hollie and Steve taking out the Overall TAP Award! They truly exemplify what it means to be champions of our TAP values and reflect that in everything they do.


At Amicus, we’re all in it together; our success is a team effort and there’s an all-hands-on-deck approach to problem solving. You know you’re in an Amicus office (or teams call) when you hear the laughter and banter amongst colleagues. Despite the challenges we might be facing, we’re all a pretty optimistic bunch and if someone’s down we gather around them to pull them back up.

- Hollie Mikolajczyk, National Manager ‑ Quality & Process in NSW

It's about genuinely having an impact, and getting the job done - but it’s not as solo operators. Since I first experienced genuine collaboration it’s been unthinkable to work in any other way. The energy we bring – it’s contagious and makes even difficult challenges feel enjoyable.

- Steve Collis, Head of Workplace Strategy in NSW

Amicus TAP Summit Mount Tambourine


At Amicus, our TAP values not only shape our culture but also guide our actions and methodologies. They are integrated into every facet of our operations and influence the way we work, serving as the foundation for the interactions among team members and with our clients.


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