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TAP Summit: Experiences like this bring the team together


The TAP Summit through Bonnie’s eyes: moments like this bring us together


We talked to Bonnie for this week’s blog, a talented and dedicated member of the Amicus Delivery team. You will learn about her journey, what the Amicus TAP values (Teamwork, Accountability, Positivity) mean to her, her experience at this year's TAP Summit and how these values play a crucial role in her work.  

This year's TAP Summit theme was Storytelling, Bonnie appreciated the opportunity to hear different stories that were told by team members, which allowed her to reconnect and bond with each other. The Summit was a great chance to get to know the personal side of the team members.  

Positivity: the value that is shown on daily basis  

Her journey with Amicus started in 2021, and throughout the recruitment process, she knew that Amicus was where she wanted to work. The TAP values are present in all the areas of what we do, and this is not a coincidence, we take pride in what we do, being a big part of who we are and our culture. Our values are embedded in our recruitment process and extend through our organisation.  

When the environment shapes you: Is clear when the team members have the TAP values, this is carefully curated.  

'Is really easy to be kind, to kind people' 

‘Everyone in the team shows the TAP values every single day and is easy for me to show them back. Everyone is acting as a team, everyone is accountable.’ 

‘The hardest value to practice is positivity, but everyone is practising it on daily basis becoming the best part of Amicus. Positivity makes you want to perform and work well because you know you are not alone because you have your team there for you.’  

Why is this important to us? We spend around one-third of our life at our workplace, becoming a crucial part of whom we are, reflecting our choices, passions, and ambitions. Making sure that employees are comfortable being themselves at the workplace, results in happier and more productive teams, the levels of creativity are likely to rise, employees feel that they can express themselves and are more inclined to show their ideas, opinions, and the collaboration sparks. Resulting in, a great organisational culture. 

TAP values: When actions speak louder than words. 

Coordinating a construction project can be a challenging task, liaising with many stakeholders and contractors. Successful project deliveries would not be possible without the integrated effort across the different teams. Having a team where you can share challenges, celebrate achievements, and rely on each other, is a crucial part of what we do, teamwork is Amicus’ key to success. 

After two years of lockdowns and tough times, the Summit brought back the sense of being there for each other, together as one team.  

The Summit was an incredible opportunity to reconnect with team members from different states, catch up, share ideas, collaborate and create new instances to meet. Since the summit, the Amicus Delivery team now virtually socialise on monthly basis, aiming to perpetuate the strong bond across the team. 

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