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Inside the Amicus Annual Employee Summit


TAP Summit: Celebrating Teamwork, Accountability & Positivity

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing our team member's stories, their Amicus journey, and what makes them love what they do. At Amicus, our values define who we are, what we do, and how we do it. Our TAP values (Teamwork, Accountability, Positivity) are embedded into everything we do. From recruitment to how we give feedback. They guide how our people relate to each other and what our clients should expect of us.

Our annual TAP summit is an opportunity for all of us to come together and celebrate these values and share the achievements and challenges we have faced in the last year. This year's summit was focused on storytelling – our project stories and our people stories. Every year, the Amicus Family is given the opportunity to nominate three team members for the overall TAP Award.  

A highlight of the event is our awards night where we get to celebrate our people as voted by the Amicus team. We ask each person to share who they feel embodies the TAP values and we ask them why they voted for that person. There were over 200 responses about how our team live and breathes our values.  


As the TAP awards evening progressed, we heard many of the heartwarming comments the team made about each other. Although we officially acknowledged five people the overall 2022 TAP awardee was our   Victorian Preconstruction and Operations Leader Brett Larkin. 



A conversation with Brett:

Why is the TAP summit important for you? 

The TAP summit is a wonderful occasion for the whole team, to be able to have these kinds of events; it’s very special. Amicus investing in their people brings a renewed sense of teamwork. It is an awesome opportunity that made the team more wholesome and closer together as we are given an opportunity to build stronger bonds by meeting the team on an honest and deeper level. We are already looking forward to the next summit! 

Why Amicus?

I get to enjoy working in an environment where team members are treated as how I would like to be treated while working in a genuine way. 

How do the TAP values influence your day-to-day activities?  

  • Teamwork: One of the strongest values, the way that we do construction and design at Amicus would be impossible without our team. I enjoy trying to find a way to everybody’s strengths. We have a bunch of very talented people that come and work together to deliver the best results possible.  
  • Accountability: Practicing accountability is all about being transparent with expectations and giving feedback quickly and having a good relationship with the team. Calling things out in an honest way with a good foundation of trust.
  • Positivity: Personally, positivity has been one of the main reasons why I enjoy working with Amicus over the years. Is one of the core values that goes throughout the whole company, making work an enjoyable experience. If the team is internally happy, and enjoying what they do, it translates into our clients, because they know that we love what we do, and we care.   

Brett enjoys being a client advisor, allowing him to build strong collaborative relationships. Brett is involved in a project from start to finish. This allows him to get a deep understanding of the client's needs and expectations, and then he gets to see them come to life.   

“Brett is a clear Amicus champion, with a strong sense of managerial acumen, delivered in a supportive way, providing as much guidance and direction as anyone in such a position could.  He is accountable for obvious reasons, and takes this in his stride, with an implicit and genuine interest in Amicus and its performance. He remains level and positive/optimistic even when presented with adverse challenges as a part of delivery.”

The meaning of winning this award

Brett receiving TAP award

It is an enjoyable way to get recognition from the team. My leadership journey was something that  I planned, getting this positive feedback from the people that I work with, tells me that I am on the right track with my journey with Amicus. Being recognised during the summit was overwhelming, and I felt proud. Knowing that my team enjoys working with me, makes me excited about the future with Amicus and the team.  





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