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Technology Case Study: Jellis Craig Corporate, Richmond



Amicus Design and Amicus Technology recently completed a successful project for Jellis Craig Corporate (Richmond). Amicus Technology were further engaged to provide hybrid meeting and meeting booking solutions to additional offices throughout Melbourne. The team at Richmond have been impressed by the simple to use interface and the engaging meetings that have visibly improved collaboration and created a highly functional, hybrid office. These notable experiences propelled the further roll out, with Amicus Technology now providing a uniform, yet tailored solution based on the each office's requirements.


Office Booking System

Jellis Craig’s vision has been consistent from the beginning. They needed easy-to-use, technology to create inclusive and immersive meetings to improve collaboration and connections between staff and clients.

All meeting rooms are based around Microsoft Teams and can be booked virtually or by walking up and using the interface outside the meeting room. The smaller rooms include a collaboration bar with a 4K camera, active speakers, microphone, and high-quality display screens for excellent visuals. The larger board rooms include a Microsoft Teams Room System connected to an 98inch screen for easy visibility and a ceiling microphone system for improved clarity of voice. This standardised solution also creates a more streamlined and productive approach for the IT Department at Jellis Craig. They can now manage the VC software and settings remotely ensuring consistency and ease of use across the state. Simplicity and uniformity have been key to the success of this major roll out and as a result, the delivery of each project has been streamlined and standardised.


Hybrid Meeting

There has been an enthusiastic uptake in the usage of VC meeting rooms with staff and the executive team reporting encouraging user experiences. Whether staff are in the office or calling remotely they can effectively contribute to the conversation and collaborate with ease knowing they have the reliable tools to do so. Their hybrid meetings are not only simple to set up, but they also make for an equitable and engaging experience for all users involved. Where it now stands, Amicus Technology will begin rolling out new technology solutions to Jellis Craig locations in Blackburn, Essendon, and Kensington.

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