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The eLearning Assist Podcast


The eLearning Assist Podcast

Tips from Amicus and Go1 on Creating an Award-Winning Onboarding Program.

In this episode, GO1’s VP of Marketing Scott Cooper talks to Amicus Employee Experience Manager, Louise Nott about all things onboarding.

We recently partnered with GO1 to improve the way employee onboarding and training is delivered across the organisation. GO1 believe a successful onboarding program is key to employees feeling engaged, motivated and supported in the workplace – right from the get go. It helps to establish a solid working relationship between employers and their staff, and facilitates clear communication channels, with new hires knowing exactly where and who to turn to for help. It also sends the message that this is a company that cares about employee development.

As Louise says: “You want your team members to be able to get set up as soon as possible. You want them to be able to join the business and hit the ground running from day one.”

Throughout the podcast, Louise shares her tips on how to develop and roll out a good onboarding program, as well as providing some must-do items that will impact your learners from day one on the job. So how did the Amicus team create an award-winning onboarding program for their employees? Tune in and find out!

You can also hear more about our experience with GO1 here, with Louise and Scott talking more about the implementation process and how incorporating GO1 into Amicus’ onboarding program has impacted the employee learning experience. 


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