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Amicus has Global Reach


Amicus has Global Reach

The United Workplace is a network of likeminded businesses, sharing a passion for the workplace.

Inspiring design, innovation and a culture of collaboration underpins everything we do.  All members share common ethics, values and goals, bringing with us a global wealth of knowledge and experience in office fitouts. The fundamental goal of The United Workplace is to provide our clients with consistent service and local insight on a global scale - to fulfil your workplace design, fitout or commercial furniture consultancy and installation needs.

Workplace specialists Fourfront Group and Amicus are the founding partners of The United Workplace (TUW). The network comprises of Fourfront Group in the UK, Amicus which delivers workplace design and fit-out projects in Australia, Ware Malcomb a well-established architectural practice in the US, and Summertown Interiors who are the United Arab Emirates’ first fit-out contractor to occupy LEED Gold Certified interiors. 

Between the four businesses we cover the interiors markets of the UK, US, Australia and the Middle East, bringing local market knowledge to offer the best perspective on every workplace project. All partners have been handpicked and share similar values, culture, passion for the workplace, track record and financial stability. This is the first network of its kind in the workplace industry with such a varied mix of partners and skills.

Globalisation is accelerating and having the ability to link businesses, exchange best practices and share knowledge is a distinct advantage for the clients of the businesses who are aligned via The United Workplace.

The network is already working together to assist a business based in the UK to open their new office in Sydney, Australia. By ensuring there is local market knowledge the client can create brand consistency in two very different locations and cultures, whilst addressing local needs. 


Joint CEO of Amicus, James Kemp, says “the partnership allows Amicus to service clients who have international reach and we can provide procurement advantages through global purchasing agreements. The advantage for our clients is that we have trusted partners in the Middle East, US and Europe on who we can rely for a global supply chain.” 

Amicus Joint CEOs hail from the UK originally. “We have been friends with Fourfront Group since 1991, so it made sense to make a stronger business connection via The United Workplace and to build our connections into the Middle East and the USA.” Andrew Holder, Joint CEO. 

Aki Stamatis, Chairman of Fourfront Group UK said the launch of this network is a response to accelerating globalisation, and provides businesses with the ability to link international workplaces, exchange best practice, and share knowledge across the globe. 

Aki commented: “Businesses who are thinking globally as they execute their growth plans and try to build an international presence, want to replicate a similar working culture in every single location. It is important, however, to achieve a balance between reflecting the local market culture and the values and identity of the business itself. This is difficult to achieve when working with one single supplier that only understands their local markets. By bringing together workplace specialists from around the globe, The United Workplace can deliver this type of cross-continent consistency whilst offering a suitable solution for the local market.” 

The United Workplace is a conduit for sharing best practice knowledge which passes on to clients as best practice solutions.


“The benefits of global skills and the purchasing power of a large network are passed on to our clients here in Australia and around the world. We have a global feedback loop to ensure we are providing a world class service.” James Kemp 

Alex Mercer, Manager of Emerging Markets at Amicus, describes The United Workplace as a global footprint of trusted and like-minded partners who can assist in providing similar workplace solutions. “The United Workplace was inspired by a number of philosophies mainly;

  • Formally connecting Amicus and our partners and clients globally to bring about positive commercial and global thought leadership outcomes relating to workspace,

  • Sharing global best practices around all aspects of our business and clients and,

  • Talent sharing between our partners and clients, allowing for engagement of global talent and the professional development of our people through exposure to their peers around the globe.”

Learn more about The United Workplace here 

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