Access to funds for a better workplace environment

Invest in your business for the office space you need

Latest technology and equipment

Our solution is flexible and tailored to your business and integrated into your workplace processes. We understand all the areas of a workplace, from the equipment to the office environment and your people.

Cashflow management

We help you explore different options and make the right decision for your business to maintain your cashflow and reduce upfront costs.

Invest in what matters most

Our solution is flexible and tailored to your business and integrated into your workplace processes. We understand all the areas of a workplace, from the equipment to the office environment and your people.

Success Stories


Undisclosed Client

Renewable Energy Sector

Main objective:

Financing solution that enabled them to upgrade their audio-visual technology equipment and refresh without taking on ownership risk.


  • Sourcing the right owned and rented equipment
  • Determining the best investment term
  • Adding software licences
  • Packaging in ongoing maintenance and on-site AV services
  • Enhancing the employee experience
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N.S Accounting and Advisory

accounting firm

Main objective:

Solution that enabled to finance the physical equipment and the cost of labour and materials of the re-fit out of their commercial office space.


  • Sourcing the right owned and rented equipment
  • Simplifying the supplier payment process
  • Preserving cash flow and reducing upfront costs
  • Achieving the best possible implementation
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How asset finance can help your business grow

Amicus Asset Finance

When it comes to asset finance, one key area that is often overlooked by organisations, is its ability to enable a business to invest its capital where it matters most...its people.

Some businesses are reticent to use asset finance due to concerns that they may potentially pay more than the initial cost of the equipment or asset over the long term.

We have put together an example scenario explaining how asset finance can help your business grow, your potential long-term savings and cashflow availability.

Your Business Finance Expert

Mike Mobilia

Director - Finance

Founder of Amicus Finance, Mike is a specialist in financial products, "as a service" models, technology, healthcare, debt and capital raisings and building successful businesses that foster a strong, lasting employee culture.

With 20+ years of experience in both the public and private sector, Mike understands all the important areas of finance with c-suite roles including business and financial leadership, commercial management, risk management, investment activities and treasury oversight, across a wide range of industries.

Mike’s goal is to help businesses to access the workplace of the future. He believes in keeping decision-making simple, efficient, and in the hands of our clients. His mission is to always enable them control of the decision-making around what financial product is best for their business and employee culture.

Why Amicus Finance

Our Amicus Finance team develops solutions that allow businesses, like yours to invest in the workplace they want.  

Our solutions:

  • Are flexible and tailored to what matters most to you and your business.
  • Enable you to access a broad range of information and data, making decision-making more meaningful and accurate to your needs.
  • Empower you to have a workplace that is efficient, productive, and a place your staff members are proud of. Offers long-term support in creating and implementing the right plan to achieve a business' cultural and financial objectives

Our aim is to help you invest in your business, so you can:

  • Access the best possible work environment for your business to develop and grow
  • Ensure the most effective equipment to avoid obsolete technology
  • Enhance employee experience to support your people while attracting and retaining talents

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  • Debt options that exist for small businesses to grow
  • Potential benefits for a small business in using Asset Finance 
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Asset finance is used by businesses to acquire equipment and assets to help them grow. Typically, it involves a regular payment for the use of equipment over an agreed period of time. This allows businesses to avoid the need to pay the full cost of the equipment upfront, allowing them to preserve their cash. The most common types of asset finance are rental, hire purchase, leasing and chattel mortgage.

Asset finance can be used to fund a wide range of workplace equipment, assets and even software licences. This range of equipment extends to technology (end-user, infrastructure, and communications), office equipment, manufacturing equipment, software licences, laboratory equipment and healthcare devices. It’s a great solution for a small business that needs equipment that is too costly to purchase outright, or the equipment will become obsolete at a future date.

Depending on the assets and equipment to be financed, we will finance as little as $1,000. We do not set an upper limit as we will work with each business to determine your needs, equipment type and credit capacity.

All equipment and assets have a finite use and life. However, the length of time will vary and it’s important a business assesses what’s appropriate for them. In general business will finance equipment between 2 to -5 years. At Amicus Finance we believe in flexibility and can accommodate terms as short as 3 months or as long as 10 years for specific equipment and asset types.

Generally, the asset or equipment being purchased is used as security, however in some circumstances you may be able to use your existing fixed assets as security to help raisesecure the financing you need.

We will work with your business and assess whether this is required or not. Our focus is to look at the asset or equipment security, and your business cash flows. If these are suitable, then a guarantee may not be required.

The first easy step, is to provide your consent for Amicus Finance to complete a credit check. This doesn’t obligate you to use Amicus Finance, but it does ensure we follow the regulatory requirements. At the same time, we will get you to complete a very simple application form and supply us with your two most recent financial statements. If you are a new business, we will work through what alternate information you’re able to provide. We will generally be able to provide an answer within 48 hours.

You can complete our simple online request or contact us at

Once you’ve signed the Master Facility Agreement, we can begin making supplier payments within 24 hours.

Let us know if there is a need to early terminate. As each asset finance product is a little bit different, you may already have the option to early terminatethis option built into your agreement with us. We will make sure we address what the steps are before your agreement is signed, and these will also be clearly documented.

Under the agreement you have certain obligations to meet, including the obligation to make regular payments. Amicus Finance will have a security interest inover the asset that it has financed for you. If you fail to meet your commitments under the agreement, Amicus Finance may be entitled to repossess and sell your asset. If the sale of the asset does not cover your outstanding debt to Amicus Finance, you will remain liable for the shortfall. Let us know if you're having trouble paying. The sooner you let us know the better. Call us on 1300 360 877 - whatever the reason, we want to help.

Let us know what the changes are and will help make it happen. Call us on 1300 360 877 or contact us at with the required changes.

That’s not a problem at and is one of the benefits of our approach and model. You can use the facility on a daily basis if needed and we can organise the monthly invoicing so that all of the equipment that is acquired during the month, can be added to one monthly invoice, or be invoiced separately. The decision is yours.

Absolutely. We can finance both the physical equipment in the workplace as well as the cost of labour and services and for completing the fit-out and installation of equipment, office furniture and fixtures and fittings and assets. We offer finance for a range of business fit-out needs, including corporate offices, retail, factories, warehouses, laboratories and hospitality fit-outs as well as retrofitting existing premises and relocating to new ones.

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