How to Truly Land the Change Management Journey

Bring your people along for the journey with a proven approach

A Confident Journey from Start to Finish
We help you map the change from the perspective of your stakeholders. Our change consultants can support you to establish persona profiles and break down the change into actionable know/feel/do statements using our Needs Inventory planning tool.
New Mindsets and Behaviours
Change starts in hearts and minds but is only real when it translates to what people say and do. We use a co-creation process to ‘re-script’ ways of working. Unpacked into scenarios and stories, the change for each persona begins to come to life.
Make Hybrid Your Hero
Our change management consultant team excels especially in the area of hybrid working. We put at your disposal a range of possible interventions to your workplace design, your technology/tech know-how and your leadership approach so that the new status quo is genuinely anchored in reality.

Start with Empathy and Ownership

Change is a personal journey that looks different to each person. The key is to meet people where they are (empathy) and set them up to be the creative architect of their own change journey (ownership).

These principles are readily scalable, such that high level change becomes personal via a localisation scaffold. 

Build Change Readiness

Understanding of basic psychological biases such as loss aversion and the fundamental attribution error helps us clear away the barriers to a positive and successful transition.

The new chapter will not immediately feel comfortable or optimised. However, change readiness is a skill that can be acquired. We work with your teams to build this readiness, so the discomfort is contextualised within a broader growth journey. 

About Our Experts

Success Stories
  • Retire Australia
    Main objective:
    Land hybrid ways of working in a new agile workplace
    • Delivered an end to end engagement plan that kept everyone informed and reassured
    • Facilitated the co-creation of a Hybrid Ways of Working Guide that imaginatively brought to life best practices for location flexibility, collaboration and productivity
    • Established team by team ways of working mini-charters, designed to evolve & provoke perpetual reflection practice
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  • Acor Consultants
    Main objective:
    Smooth the transition to a new ERP
    • Established personas to personalise change journey by role & impact
    • Explored engagement channels, assets, events and key voices, mapped to personas and know/feel/do statements
    • Coached delivery of change ‘plan on a page’ over 12 months

Change, Actually: The Opportunity of Your Office Lease Expiry

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Our project required a unified vision for both the environment and what it could unlock for our people. Sophie showed an incredible ability to engage with my leadership team, through 1 on 1 briefings and combined workshopping. She applied a sophisticated toolkit to bring to the surface key data points to assist us with making decisions and setting a direction. We definitely felt we were in trusted hands and this set the scene for just the right conversations to take place under her facilitation.
- Rob Anderson, Director, APCO Service Stations
On behalf of everyone at Amway, a big thank you for all the work you have done with us to get us to this point. It's amazing to think about the fact that just 12 months ago we were considering moving, but moving down the street to remain within Bella Vista and create a smaller version of what we had. When I look at where we ended up, it's pretty incredible to think of how far we have come in the journey. And I think of our staff who 8 months ago said "Christine - we need to sit beside each other for our department to work" and who have now have embraced remote working, flexibility and our new ways of working. It has been great to partner with Amicus along every step of the way.
- Christine Tirrell, General Manager, Amway ANZ

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