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Finance. Helping businesses to access the workplace of the future

Adaptable and Flexible Solutions

Our Amicus Finance team develops solutions that give businesses the flexibility to make changes as their needs change. Our aim is to enable our clients to access a broad range of information and data that makes decision-making more meaningful and accurate to their needs.

We are able to apply the wisdom of hindsight to challenge our clients' business decisions with transparency and independence. Our finance solutions will empower our clients to have a workplace that is efficient, productive, and a place staff members are proud of.

Delivering Tailored Experiences

The Amicus Finance team's focus is on finding the right solution for each client and their different needs. Whether clients need a simple single asset or a complete lifecycle solution, we will work with them to get the most value and flexibility.

Our team offers full support in helping businesses achieve their vision. We do this by identifying the key challenges and strategies businesses could face and then designing the best finance options for them. We know how to create and implement the right solution to achieve a business' cultural and financial objectives through a tailored experience.

What We Do
  • Solutions
    As a starting point with all our clients, we need to better understand what objectives they are trying to achieve and what are the potential challenges they are facing. It’s all about listening and working with our clients to identify what options are best suited for them and how we can translate a plan into reality.

    Everyone has different challenges and that’s why designing a solution is more important to us than providing a cookie-cutter product.
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  • Products
    At Amicus Finance we believe in keeping decision-making simple, efficient, and in the hands of our clients. That is why we always enable them to retain control of the decision-making around what financial product is best for their business.

    Whether a business needs a rental solution, ownership rights, or a business loan, we can assist to make our clients' vision a reality. Amicus Finance can help businesses to design the workplace strategy they need today and importantly, tomorrow.
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  • Equipment
    We believe businesses should constantly evaluate and measure the performance of their equipment and workplaces. This is because competition changes, businesses transformations, employee needs transitions, and equipment obsolescence will always exist.

    Our approach is to treat the entire workplace and our clients' equipment as an asset. We can help businesses to finance their entire workplace, individual equipment, or even those essential services and licenses that make the business succeed.
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  • Services
    When businesses partner with Amicus Finance, they will notice that we take a full lifecycle approach to evaluate what options are best for their company. If they only have one need, we can satisfy the possible objectives accordingly.

    We work across a variety of industries and can provide complete lifecycle solutions for our clients' workspace, their equipment, and tools, including strategy, design, sourcing, equipment, technology, construction, move management, and financing.
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