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Hospitality: National Capability 2020

The spaces that leave a lasting impression. We specialise in Hospitality and Coworking solutions - delivering phenomenal projects for the world’s biggest brands.

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Hospitality: National Capability 2020

We create spaces that epitomise the spirit of generosity and friendship you want your clients to experience. Our positive attitude to overcome any hurdle helps our clients meet their financial, brand, cultural and operational objectives.

Just like your hospitality environment needs to deliver experiences your clients will cherish and remember fondly for years to come, we at Amicus aim to make working with us a friendly, happy and lasting relationship.

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Where there is an appetite for staff engagement, new ways of working, or cultural change, we can provide deep expertise and a proven toolkit for bringing people on the journey.


Design takes you on a journey of creativity and inspiration, resulting in an innovative and high performing solution that better supports your organisation.


We embrace digital technology as a fundamental business enabler to connect and empower your employees, enhance the human experience and drive greater cost efficiency.


Whether you are refurbishing, moving spaces or starting from the bottom, we offer a fully integrated construction service as well as a range of bespoke solutions to your entire fitout process.

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