Rethinking The Workplace

Aspiration 1: Collaboration

When colleagues can develop a genuine internal narrative that they care about each other, and what each other is doing, this binds them to each other and to the common goals of the business.

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Aspiration 1: Collaboration

As with most meaningful aspirations, how the Collaboration paradigm shifts is not always characterised by dramatic business moments, or news that’s worthy of the front page.

The real magic might instead come in minor packages that build up tremendous impact over time: different departments overhearing each other and offering support, peers pulling together a cross-functional team to solve a complex problem, or perhaps rich social interaction creating a new unbreakable rapport between co-workers, enabling them to better understand each other’s skills and attributes, opening up the previously untapped lines of communication.

If you can spot these small spark moments, it’s a sure sign your cultural power station is fully connected to its grid. 

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We’ll use the Touchline methodology to identify some moments of Collaboration, and reverse-engineer these back to principles for making these moments really happen.

As we move through the eight aspirations, we have used the Touchline model to discover and define examples of moments of great change which, when brought to life, will indicate shifts along the spectrum of these aspirations. Whether your business lacks collaboration, innovation, or any of the Big Eight, being able to identify where your organisation exists on this spectrum, and then being able to apply strategies to shift it along is the Mozart moment we are seeking for you.

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