Touchline Training for Schools

We have developed and applied a new human centred design tool called ‘Touchline’. Both within Amicus and with our clients we have achieved measurable cultural uplift from using the tool, and it is now ready to share.

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Touchline Training for Schools

‘Touchline’ is a human-centred design tool that can be used in any context to define and drive genuine change. In a school context it can be used by school leaders, teachers, or others to re-imagine a ‘new normal’ for learning and learner experience, for engaging with parents or for any other aspect of school life.

While the Touchline method can be used for depth research and holistic change, this workshop aims to get a single team up and running with the basics of the tool for use in everyday settings to identify and embed change and transformation strategies.

Key Workshop Objective:

The workshop trains a team in the basics of the Touchline method for making human-centred change actionable and effective.

By the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • have made progress together on a nominated challenge
  • have basic confidence in an ongoing method for defining human-centred goals and creating the necessary conditions for these goals to be achieved.


Fantastic design thinking session! A wonderful tool that opens up thinking and enables voices. Knowledgeable and helpful facilitators. Well worth attending and implementing with your organisation.

- Rebecca Stephens, NSW DET

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