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Amicus Finance Case Study: Legal Firm (Undisclosed)


Amicus Finance Case Study:
Legal Firm (Undisclosed)

One team, different solutions

Our client, a young legal company, were approaching the end of their 4-year property lease. What they wanted to avoid was incurring unnecessary costs in engaging various consultants (tenant advisors, property brokers, fitout designers, project managers, equipment suppliers, banks and financiers, removalists, lawyers, etc.) to determine a potential solution for what should be a very easy objective, having the “right” workplace environment for their business.

Our client was informed of the potential solution Amicus Finance could offer. The solution entailed design, source, build, install, support, upgrade, and finance all through one single engagement. Amicus Finance offered a unique behavioural workshop process that challenged our client to define the critical cultural traits of their business and how they wanted to be perceived. The findings of the workshop also identified the workplace and equipment that would enhance their employee’s experience and customer service.

The workshops highlighted that the agile culture of the organisation was not being fully supported by the office set-up and their working remotely strategy. This was potentially having a negative engagement impact on their customers and selling process. This insight enabled our client to engage with us with a clear framework and minimum expectations on their workplace strategy.

The Journey

Identifying what type of workplace environment and the equipment needed was the second step to undertake in the process. Engaging with a partner who is able to combine the design of the office with the technology needs is helpful. Having the same partner identify different options to finance the design, build and acquire the required equipment is unique. Our client was conscious of investing their capital in the business' growth aspirations.

Our client had the option to either rent or own individual pieces over the term of the new property lease structure. This freedom, accompanied by an Amicus Finance fitout financing solution, enabled our client to use the landlord incentive to lower their net monthly cost.

The entire process and outcome were managed by one team. The fact that the costs of the project were managed through one partner enabled our client to track all of their project expenditure. What was even better was that our client had a full inventory of all the fitout items, equipment, and technology under one arrangement, which would give them the ability to manage their assets with real transparency and accuracy.


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