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Crowd-Sourced Radar Technology - For Company Culture


Crowd-Sourced Radar Technology - For Company Culture

1750 BCE - And What it Means for Organisational Culture.

In WW2, the 'Royal Observer Corps' was a 'spare time' radar service, delivered by volunteers who would set up observation posts consisting "of nothing more than a wooden garden shed located next to a telegraph pole" 

Observer Corps Spotter

Crowd-sourced initiatives like this run on what we might call "opt-in" energy, passion and purpose-driven.  

Without titles, resourcing, or formalised responsibilities, grass-roots mobilisation can tip cultural tides. 

What informal networks exist within your organisation, and how might they hold the key to the cultural wind-change that is critical to your organisations success? 


This post is part of Amicus Strategy's 2019 series exploring how changes in the environment can be used to shape organisational culture. Click here to express interest in our Touchline toolkit and our event in June.  


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