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Finance solutions for a complete and total business refit or just equipment?


Finance solutions for a complete and total business refit or just equipment?

Financing can be used by businesses to help expand and meet objectives but it’s crucial that you take the time to find the right solution and tailor it based on your business’ unique needs. Having clear goals that align with your business strategy can help you identify and prioritise what you need to meet those objectives.

When it comes to establishing and fitting out your workplace, there are some considerations you should evaluate. These range from the workplace environment (open plan, multi-use areas, offices), the quality of the build and equipment (premium, cheap and cheerful, etc), the length of time you’re planning to stay in the location (lease terms versus ownership), the need to change and upgrade equipment, employee growth or contraction (space needs) and the list could go on.

One additional and key factor to consider is how to finance these changes. For some businesses who are renegotiating leases, a landlord fitout incentive may be available. Though often it is far better to use this incentive for rental abatement purposes (assessing the time value of money) if the fitout incentive is insufficient in covering the full cost of the workplace design, build and equipment.

There are ranges of financing options available for all businesses, no matter your shape, size, or complexity. At Amicus Finance, we know that the range of considerations when it comes to fitting out your workplace can be overwhelming. We also know that the right financing solution should give you the utmost flexibility and control, whilst being simple to access and use. With our industry and finance equipment expertise, we can build a solution that gives you the opportunity to finance a complete office fitout (from design to build) or selective workplace equipment to help fulfill your objectives. Additionally, you have control over the length of time you require the financing and can make changes to your workplace needs without incurring hidden penalties and fees.

When you’re assessing whether you want to finance a complete workplace or just individual equipment, it’s essential that you identify how important ownership, flexibility, and upgrading are to your business. When it comes to equipment, having a rental product will give you the utmost flexibility and potentially enable you to secure the financing against the equipment (asset). If you are looking to secure financing for an entire workplace project, you should assess the cost against your business' own internal cost of capital and appropriately measure this on a present value basis. The time value of money becomes an essential factor, particularly when you start to assess longer-term investments.

If you’d like to learn more about how Amicus Finance can finance your workplace fitout or workplace equipment and give you exceptional flexibility, contact us here.

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