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Case Study: flybuys Strategy


Case Study: flybuys Strategy

Forging a new path

In 2019 flybuys was at the beginning of a new era. Transitioning out of the Coles Group, flybuys was at the start of a process to redefine itself, in terms of image and brand but also in how it creates value for customers and shareholders.

This would mean not only a new office space for its people but the need to work in a whole new way. This new way of working needed to centre on collaboration, to drive innovation and support rapid product development for their member and broader customer base. It required a fresh approach and a workspace that would drive the activities and experiences to support future success.

A strategic vision

Amicus partnered with flybuys to develop a strategic vision for the new work environment. Facilitating a program which consulted with staff and leaders, Amicus began a discussion on what innovation might look like for flybuys and how flexibility could support the transformation vision. We co-created a set of aspirations and identified the key elements of physical design and technology along with organisational measures that would deliver these aspirations.



With an endorsed strategy and a design underway, a sophisticated change program was an essential element to align leaders and staff on a new way of working. And so #flybuysflex was created – capturing flybuys’s unique approach to supporting individuals and teams to work flexibly. This approach meant shifting thinking from the office as a default location to a place that enabled a purpose, whether that be for creative collaboration, social connection, or teamwork. Based on trust and outcome-based performance, people are empowered to choose the right location for the work they needed to do.

The change program consulted widely and engaged people in a range of ways from face-to-face forums to regular email updates, workshops and townhall events. Change champions co-created materials and led conversations with their teams on how #flybuysflex would work for them and their teams.

Pandemic Ready

On the eve of moving into their new office, COVID-19 enforced home working arrived. While this delayed a move into their great new office, #flybuysflex meant a relatively seamless transition to working from home for team members. People were tech ready, and the organisation was able to embrace new ways of connecting and collaborating remotely almost immediately.

With the return to the office now underway, flybuys can hit the ground running and seamlessly return to a workspace that is fit for purpose and will support those activities and experiences that only vision-driven offices can deliver.


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