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Case Study: Greater Western Water Strategy


Case Study: GWW Strategy

Workplace re-imagined

Sometimes workplace transformation starts with a serendipitous moment. As it was for Greater Western Water when an unplanned conversation crystallised the opportunity the pandemic had presented.

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And so, the Greater Western Water Workplace Re-imagined project was born.

Creative, human-centred design

Amicus learnt quickly that Greater Western Water had some big aspirations. An organisation already undergoing significant transformation as it approached a merger, they were focused on creating an exceptional workplace experience centred around purpose, flexibility and wellbeing. And with a diverse workforce from engineers to call centre workers to strategists, there was a long list of workspace needs and a range of workstyles.

Amicus understood that to meet these aspirations, it was critical to capture the voice of employees, leaders, and executives. We facilitated several workshops and interviews capturing and synthesising the aspirations for a new way of working across the organisation. Our strategic brief identified the signature experiences that represented Greater Western Water'saspirations and the design and technology elements that would bring them to life. We articulated a new flexible way of working that would be enabled by unique workplace settings and activated by key technology features.

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A workplace with purpose

key feature of the Greater Western Water Workplace Re-Imagined was new spaces that drove purposeful collaboration and connection - from open collaboration areas, focus space and new wellbeing and innovation spaces. A traditional fixed desk environment was transformed into a flexible, high variety workspace that would entice people into the office and deliver a worthwhile experience when they were there.

Are aspirations expensive?

With a limited budget to work with, our Amicus strategist continued to work with the GWW team and designers to identify creative ways to achieve these aspirations. Whether it was looking at reuse opportunities, consolidating teams on fewer floors or finding cool games suppliers online, we knew it was bold moves alongside the little things that would make the most impact on the workplace experience.Quote Format - Blog (420 x 297 px) (420 x 190 px) (420 x 100 px) (2)And the jury has now spoken - the GWW staff can’t wait to come back into the office, and the organisation can showcase itself as a great example of how to emerge from the pandemic even better than they were before.

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