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How many desks do you need?


How many desks do you need?

One substantial part of your future space budget is individual desk numbers. Once you have landed on your future workstyle then it is time to figure out how many desks you need.

Your workstyle will have a big impact on how much time your people will be spending in the office and the activities they will be doing. But even if the office is mainly about collaboration, you will still need spaces for people to work on laptops or set up ergonomically for a longer stay.

To figure this out you need to know how much time you staff expect to be in the office each week. Once you have this figure you can determine a desk sharing ratio. For example, if you expect employees on average to be in the office 3 days a week, this will translate to a desk sharing ratio of 6 desks per 10 people.

However, there is some nuance to this calculation to consider. Employee growth or reduction expectations, peak occupancy (days when higher than average numbers will come in) and the desired office energy level will all nudge this desk sharing ratio up or down.

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