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It's all about People

Leaders have come to recognise that any project concerning the setup of space or technology is a people-project. From moment to moment, the environment influences how people think, feel and interact, and for this reason changes to the environment naturally attract attention. 

A CEO with an organisational strategy, a CFO with an eye on people costs, a Head of HR or EX interested in engagement, culture, or talent attraction, and any Facilities, Property, or Procurement leaders who "get it" - we love to work with any and all of these people to create a workplace strategy to join the dots between the space opportunity and the people opportunity. 

The Opportunity

A change in space is a big opportunity. So much good can come from the rare moments when space can genuinely change. At whatever scale, we love finding the opportunity and making it a reality for people. It's not enough to just get the space right - people also need to embrace its 'why' and know how to thrive. We love helping to build that shared understanding.

The financial stakes are beyond question. The research is categorical: people-costs far outweigh asset costs. We love building confidence that the change in space will be an enabler for people as the backbone of strategic success. We love using research to create clarity. Whatever is hard to agree on - an approach to flexibility, the office design, or location, data can hold the answers. We love using research to create clarity.

Hybrid Workplace Strategy

Hybrid working is here to stay, and organisations that approach it with the right strategy reap the rewards of a more engaged and productive workforce, higher staff retention rates and potentially lower space costs.

Amicus has led the way in hybrid workplace strategy since pre-pandemic days and we love working with clients interested in making hybrid working work better for them and their teams.

We've put together a Hybrid Working Hub as a resource for gathering and sharing our thinking on the strategy and implementation of effective hybrid working.

Hybrid Working Hub
Workplace Strategy Services
  • Touchline
    Touchline is our proprietary human-centred design tool for identifying and exploiting the ways in which human experience is influenced by contextual factors, including the set up of the environment, technology, and ways of working. While we typically assume people’s thoughts, emotions and actions are based on their own choices, there is a very well established distinction in the field of psychology between “attributional” explanations for human behaviour (e.g. they are diligent, or motivated, or talented) and “situational” explanations (e.g. they are equipped with the right tools, given the right opportunities, provided with adequate trust and inspiration, given the right prompting).

    We experience the power of situational elements constantly in every day experiences: feeling creative in a café, motivated at the gym, and perhaps a little intimidated in our manager’s office. There are powerful forces at play in each of these situations. Touchline maps these forces and makes them available to use intentionally.
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  • Direction Setting
    It's the early phase of the project. You need to establish clarity around some big questions in a way that will focus and stabilise the "journey of 1,000 decisions" that is to come. How much space do you need? What's your approach to flexibility? What organisational or cultural objectives need to be achieved, and how?

    Our 'Direction Setting' process brings the right questions up to the surface and creates stabilising principles that can bring everything that follows into alignment around a clear vision.

    How we achieve this varies with each client. Our toolkit includes leadership facilitation, usage studies, ethnographic research, staff engagement techniques, and more.
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  • Change Partnering
    The moment people are aware of a possible change of space, a 'story' begins to form. Each person responds differently and may form a different story, and might naturally speculate about what is happening and why.

    We can help you lead that story on two levels. At a basic information level we have templates, samples & techniques to establish a robust comms plan that will keep everyone reassured, informed and engaged. At a more ambitious level we're experienced change managers who are highly at ease in cultural change programs. The ways people work, feel, think and interact can be hugely transformed with the right interventions in the context of an office refit or move.
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  • Workspace Evolution
    In-between moves or refits, there's a tendency for space, technology and people factors to experience an ongoing decline. A bad habit goes 'viral'. Teams change and the layout stops working. Storage is hoarded and junk accumulates.

    Our workspace evolution program provides a mechanism to create continual 'uplifts' in the space, technology and lived experience of workplace culture. We can ignite a cross-disciplinary team that can trigger an upward spiral of evolution. With just the minimum effective dose of time and effort with right people, a great workspace easily adjusts with the changes in your organisation and needs of your people.
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A very interesting method to help leaders of a business to come together and work on the virtual, physical and culture challenges that impact people's engagement at work.
- Amy Childs, Momentum Energy
Touchline is a great tool to help break down the ‘what if’ out of any change strategy. I found this session to clear any confusion around moving forward with our upcoming projects.
- Lindsay Farquhar, Amway
Our company is going through a big change process. It's daunting, but today's session with Amicus and the practical tools they have presented gives me a lot of confidence and ideas for tackling the next step.
- Derek Sadubin, CAPA
Touchline is a practical and engaging tool to help businesses get to the heart of their challenges and create a proactive and collaborative approach for solving them.
- Leigh Meagher, Hydro Tasmania

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