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Introducing Touchline


Introducing Touchline

Touchline is a tool designed for collaborative insight and shared light-bulb moments around human experience and cultural change.

We’ve evolved the tool over the last 5 years through live use with clients and internal use at Amicus. The Touchline way of thinking helped Amicus win #4 in Australia’s ‘Great Places to Work’ awards this year.   

Now we’re ready for Touchline to go out from Amicus – we want to put it out in the world to help people and organisations of every type gain insights for genuine transformative change. 

Regardless of context, we’re offering a tool that identifies the human experiences that matter most and finds just the right changes to really make these experiences become the norm. 

Marking the next step in our journey is the launch of our new Community Brand for Touchline and we’re excited to share it with the world! We're licensing Touchline under a creative commons license that allows derivative works and non-commercial use, providing there's that little attribution to the origin of the tool! 


At its heart, Touchline is about getting out of 'default mode'. So many life situations see us in the futility of such poor strategies as 'trying harder', sending another email, or having another meeting. These default strategies often only achieve one outcome: they make us feel, falsely, like we're not in a state of paralysis. 

We’d rather do nothing and not kid ourselves! But real change is very possible if we can get out of automatic mode and get curious, and clever. In many ways we need a different mindset - one that begins with discovery. 

To us, Touchline is quite magical, because it enables a person or a team to shift into that discovery mindset at will. A discovery mindset is powerful, opening up fresh and hopeful ways of looking at situations and creating the change we want. 

It's an almost daily catch cry that we ask ourselves "what am I not seeing?" We know the answer to effective action is on the other side of that question! 

If you'd like to hear more about the Touchline tool and how to use it, come along to one of our free introduction workshops, which we run regularly in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and then join our online Special Interest Group, where there are support resources and ongoing forums on using Touchline in practice.  

Looking ahead to 2020, we'd love to host the first Touchline conference. Why not start using the tool now and let's see what projects we can share with each other when the time comes?

What we're up to

  • We've now run 7 "Change, Actually" workshops since the first in April

  • We've just launched the online 'Special Interest Group' for Touchline

  • Our Head of Strategy, Steve Collis, presented a keynote at the Digital Employee Experience Summit in Sydney

  • We are preparing the first Touchline book for publication. Let us know if you'd like an early read!

  • Senior Strategist, Lisa Justice is documenting a recent consulting gig using storytelling to decode culture

What we're reading

  • Lisa is reading - Rise of the Huddle Space - This report identifies a growing need for huddle spaces and how to make sure they are activated by the right technology
  • Lisa is reading - Leesman Review - The Complexity Equation  Another great article by Dr Peggie Rothe on AI, the complexity of work and making the workplace more human
  • Steve is reading New Scientist, "The right (not) to know" - about information flow and knowledge rights regarding genes and DNA

Get in Touch!

We're re-running Change, Actually in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane - contact us for dates and invites! 

Also let us know if you'd like to book us for public speaking, Touchline training, or support for culture/space changes!

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