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M&C Saatchi Property Strategy


A property decision in an unpredictable world

In the midst of a global pandemic, with all employees working remotely M&C Saatchi were faced with a difficult decision. A looming lease expiration date meant they were compelled to make a property commitment which would have significant financial and cultural impact over years to come, all during a time of unprecedented workplace change.

M&C Saatchi needed a property strategy that would incorporate their business structure and aspirations, an understanding of the remote working experience and that was centred on a vision of what the future office needed to deliver.  

Culture eats strategy for breakfast

Reading the early signs

From early staff survey results it was clear that working from home was delivering productivity gains and improvements in wellbeing. It was evident that there was a growing appetite to continue working remotely at some level over the longer term. Yet there were also indications that interacting solely by virtual means put at risk social connections, learning opportunities and limited the incidental interactions that build relationships and trust.

Strategy that delivers financial and cultural outcomes

M&C Saatchi engaged Amicus’ Workplace Strategy team to co-create an approach to their major property decisions in Sydney. A key part of the strategy was to identify how much face to face interaction was critical for M&C Saatchi as well as the appetite for a more flexible way of working in the future. Through interviews with business leaders, Amicus identified the key moments and experiences that mattered and a model for a new way of working.

This strategy, once implemented, will reduce the required space requirements from approximately 6,000 sqm to 2,800 sqm and save M&C Saatchi $20 million over the next 10 years.

Creative harmony

The opportunity presented to M&C Saatchi is much greater than these substantial financial savings. By embracing the positive experiences of remote working, the acceleration of their digital capacity and the trust that underpinned the success of working from home, the future can provide a space and way of working where people can create, connect and deliver.

With Amicus as a guide and partner, M&C Saatchi now have a clear strategy to deliver substantial financial gains alongside exceptional cultural outcomes, seamlessly navigated in a time of unprecedented change.

Strategy Overview & Deliverables

The approach incorporated a review of key organisational information, staff survey analysis and leadership depth interviews, culminating in a strategy document that showed:

  • Current property pain points
  • Future aspirations for property, way of working, technology and style
  • Desired staff and client experiences and the key elements to bring these to life
  • Recommended workplace model
  • Recommended property footprint
  • Design principles and settings
  • Test Fit
  • Estimated budget
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