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Should you repurpose or reduce?


Should you repurpose or reduce?

One of the most common post-COIVD challenges we are facing is how to entice people back to the office. Despite a raft of survey results indicating people feel the absence of social connection and collaboration in remote work, it seems many of us aren’t in a hurry to get out of our active wear and brave the commute.


So, what do you do with floor space when your office has become a ghost town, but you are facing down a long lease period? Increasingly we see organisations looking to repurpose existing space away from desk farms to become more collaborative and social hubs which bring people together in fun, creative and purposeful ways.

While sub-leasing can be a great option for larger organisations with a newly realised excess of space, it is not always an available solution for everyone.

Reducing or repurposing office space needs to be approached strategically. Work environments drive behaviour and shape workplace culture. Take the time to connect your organisational vision to a new way of working. And by that we mean how people need to work to deliver the vision. From here we can then define the spaces and technology you need to support these behaviours.

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