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Technology Case Study: Greater Western Water


Technology Case Study:
Greater Western Water


Greater Western Water wanted to create a new agile and flexible hybrid way of working with seamless, simple and easy-to-use technology that drives connection, collaboration, creativity and inclusiveness. It was essential for them that the technology was intuitive, consistent and reliable and provided an immersive hybrid meeting experience where everyone feels engaged.

A large breakout & town hall area was purposely crafted so that employees can view content on a large screen and hear the presenters clearly. GWW also wanted to make every workspace bookable to ensure a safe return to the office and improve productivity and collaboration.

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Amicus worked closely with GWW’s business and IT teams to design and integrate new technology to meet these needs whilst re-using existing approved video conferencing equipment. Meeting rooms were equipped with easy-to-use, one-touch-to-join MS Teams Room video conferencing solutions. Auto-framing was enabled on the cameras to provide a more immersive experience.

The boardroom was designed with a large 85” 4k LCD display, ceiling microphones and speakers and a one-touch-to join MS Teams VC system. A large, motorised projection screen and an 8000-lumen projector were used in the town hall space for good visibility along with a repeater screen at the far end. Ceiling microphones were installed throughout along with front of house speakers to boost the audio and give a more realistic experience. Lapel and handheld microphones were provided for presenters and a soft, throwable microphone to inject some fun and audience participation.

A Condeco workplace management solution was deployed enabling employees to book a desk or room easily through a mobile app or web portal.

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These technology solutions have enabled a hybrid way of working at GWW and will boost collaboration and employee experience. It has allowed for a more immersive and inclusive hybrid meeting experience where people in the office or working remotely feel more engaged.

Having a workplace booking system means staff can have confidence that their workspace meets their needs and provides a sense of safety as they return to the office. Operations are now able to gather valuable space utilisation data enabling them to assess occupancy and make data-driven real estate decisions


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