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The First Email Rant in History


The First Email Rant in History

1750 BCE - And What it Means for Organisational Culture.

Behold the first written rant in history, in the email equivalent of the time 

The 'Complaint Tablet of Ea-nasir' is known as the first written rant, but certainly not the last. Notably, the writer did not have the perilous temptation to just click send.  


In 2019 by contrast, the temptation to play 'keyboard warrior' is baked in via the ubiquity of technology and ease of information flow. Unfortunately the ease of ranting combines with the low empathy of text and the physical absence of our intended audience.  

What if we could shape the "go to" tools and techniques of communication within our organisation to nurture a very different vibe. One email leaves a trail of cultural destruction. What's our counter-strategy?


This post is part of Amicus Strategy's 2019 series exploring how changes in the environment can be used to shape organisational culture. Click here to express interest in our Touchline toolkit and our event in June.  

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