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Giving Leaders the ability to understand themselves and understand others

Tried and tested
We offer the most up-to-date thinking in Leadership development drawing from a combination of our own lived experience, our experience with Australian workplace clients, our passion for research and global best practices.   As our leadership programmes have been applied to our own Leaders at Amicus, we know they work.
A range of solutions
Whether you're in need of a full solution, a part solution or facilitation only, we can step in to help you make the most impact. We have the experience and capability to meet you where you're at with our bespoke leadership and learning solutions that cater to every situation.
Practical approach
Our Leadership solutions are practical, modern and engaging to deliver optimum results. We help Leaders that need to operate from a variety of settings such as assisting Leaders who are now increasingly finding themselves leading geographically dispersed teams virtually.

Designing for You

Where we make the most impact is designing your bespoke leadership training programme. From experience we know that great leadership training achieves this for participants: unlearning old unhelpful habits, relearning the timeless evidence-based approaches that achieve success; and learning additionalleadership skills specific to the ‘new normal.

Here’s our design approach: 

●   Stage 1: Discover
●   Stage 2: Define & Design
●   Stage 3: Deliver
●   Stage 4: Embed

How we can design leadership learning for results
  • Stage 1: Discover
    ● Confirm goals and drivers

    ● Identify where you are right now

    ● Identify where you need to be
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  • Stage 2: Define & Design
    ● Nominate the critical behaviours and capabilities needed by leadership to bring the goals to life

    ● Design a customised solution to increase capabilities in line with future state
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  • Stage 3: Deliver
    ● Deliver the solution with an emphasis on real life on-the-job practical application approach so participants are set up for success for a true behavioural shift
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  • Stage 4: Embed
    ● Monitor outcomes

    ● Provide support so it's not "one and done" or just an "event." Rather, an embedded solution and behavioural change
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Designing with You

Our goal is to be your trusted leadership development partner who doesn’t over complicate things, brings your goals and ideas to life and sets you to up to run your own learning solutions cost-free after the engagement finishes.

There are many ways we can partner with you when you don’t require a bespoke solution. When a part solution or codesign solution is needed, we can: 

●   ‘Take out’ modules from our internal Leadership Program (Optimum) and ‘plug them in’ to your own learning structure

Design content for your team to facilitate

Facilitate content that your team has designed

Designing for the New Normal

We design solutions that engage participants through the most up-to-date thinking in Leadership combined with practical activities (but, no role plays!). After all, it is one thing to “know” but “knowing” does not always guarantee “doing." Especially when it comes to Leadership!

We keep it practical, covering all topics related to Leadership Development and believe the following workshops are particularly key right now:

●   Feedback - An Empathy Based Approach
●   How to Set Goals That Will Actually Be Achieved
●   Delegation 4QL – An evidence-based approach for Goal Setting
●   To Motivate People, Do These Things Well
●   Delegation 4QL – An evidence-based approach for Accountability
●   Productivity and Time Management SHoTs (Short Hits of Training)

Highly Capable Facilitators & Coaches

Our team is qualified, experienced in all aspects Leadership Development; and have led their own teams. This means they have the most up-to-date thinking in Leadership, and they can also draw from their own lived experiences to directly relate to your situations and challenges. They truly do get it! 

About our Expert

Zoe Cooper, National Leadership & Learning Manager at Amicus, has extensive experience in designing, facilitating and coaching learning and leadership development solutions for leaders at all levels, both internally and for external clients.

●   LearnX Gold Award - Best Leadership Capability Project 2021
●   Employer of Choice – HRD 2020
●   LearnX Gold Award – Best Leadership Learning Model 2019
●   Best Place to Work in Australia #4 2019
●   LearnX Gold Award - Project Induction/Onboarding 2018

More information about Zoe can be found below.

Success Stories
  • Armstrong Flooring
    Main objective:
    Address key behaviours designed to enhance the engagement and collaboration
    • Designing a series of four workshops to facilitate cultural shift
    • Applying the TMP and WOWV as foundational frameworks to explain work preferences and approaches
    • Encouraging open discussion to tease out what was and was not working
    • Helping the team build self-awareness and communication skills using several Team Management Systems activities via TMS Global
    • Redrafting the team's charter to see how behaviour change could be supported
    • Implementing the learnings from previous workshops to inform effective communication strategies
  • Undisclosed Client
    Main objective:
    Gain comprehensive insights into their leaders capabilities and provide a platform for individual development using Hogan 360
    • Providing three group briefing sessions with an overview of what a 360 Degree Feedback entails
    • Using the Hogan 360 Degree tool to collect and analyse data related to each leader's competencies
    • Reporting on detailed individual and group data and insights for comparison and evaluation
    • Giving personalised 1:1 feedback and coaching sessions to guide leaders in leveraging their strengths
    • Preparing an executive briefing to highlight key findings, recommendations and actionable steps
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Leadership & Learning Profile
Amicus hosted for us the virtual workshop 'Energy - The Hidden Key to Resilience.' We had around 80 people joining the workshop and all participants found it very interesting, helpful, and relevant. Zoe facilitated the 2-hour session with credibility, passion, appropriate humour, and poise. Zoe has a genuine, professional, and positive style that captivates the audience.
- Jacinta Jamieson, Senior Manager Human Resources, Hillrom.
This training was some of the best! Great
to collaborate on it with Zoe Sharan and
the team at Amicus.
- Kirsty Gardner, Director of Transformation, M&C Saatchi Group.

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