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How to make your workplace great again

Many organisations are now facing a situation where staff are losing engagement working from home and the office space is no longer fit for purpose.

In this webinar, we will share with you a tested and proven gameplan for making your workplace great again. 

We've worked with leaders of over 75 organisations and we know what works.  We've saved our clients millions of dollars in office space costs and improved average employee experience scores by 20%

Is your current workplace no longer fit for purpose?

The pandemic has dramatically disrupted the way we work. We may have thought it was a temporary disruption, where we make a few adjustments, and all will eventually return to normal. It's not turned out that way. 

People are struggling with remote work and organisations are faltering as they figure out what the future may look like.

Organisational culture is eroding as leaders fail to clearly articulate a plan to move forward. 

The Post Pandemic Workplace

The 3-step strategy to get your team and culture back on track:

  • How to get your staff lining up to come back to the office. 
  • How to get your culture back on track, so you can attract and retain the best talent. 
  • How to identify an office space that fits your needs in post-COVID world.

What will you learn:

  • Determining The Optimal Office Space
    How much office space do you need in a hybrid working environment?
  • Getting Team Culture On Track
    We'll show you strategies to get your culture back.
  • Increasing Employee Engagement
    How to create moments of engagement in a purposeful office.

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The online training was really interactive and engaging. I wasn't expecting to get so much out of a session. I felt I could jump straight offline and start implementing what we'd have learnt. I highly recommend Amicus for online learning.
- Julianne Latham, Change Manager, City of Sydney.
Our company is going through a big change process. It's daunting, but today's session with Amicus and the practical tools they have presented gives me a lot of confidence and ideas for tackling the next step.
- Derek Sadubin, Managing Director, CAPA

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