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Amicus and Changing Change International have partnered together to co-host the #CULTURE18 company culture and disruptive leadership summit on 15 May 2018 in Sydney. 

Amicus and Changing Change International have aligned to bring you this event and to reach our goal of positively impacting as many workers globally as possible. We plan to positively influence 100,000 employees from this Summit and are looking for attendees who will be ready to take what they learn and “DO | DREAM | DARE"  with their new knowledge. 

The #CULTURE18 Summit will bring together business leaders to talk in depth about company culture, and how to engage employees by leading with purpose – leaders who actually walk the talk and have made huge differences to their results through creating a business which is whole, consistent, and complete, with complementary management, operations, strategy, and culture.

#CULTURE18 is an immersion event – a full day of intimate interactive sessions, think tanks and masterminds all rolled into one. It’s not a speaker fest where you get sold to by consultants. Only those living and breathing culture as a key strategy are invited to speak, to share their knowledge and experience of what’s gone right, as well as what lessons they have learned along the way. We choose every element of the immersion to stimulate everyone and get us all thinking about how we could do things a little differently, starting today.

Change is happening all around us, so it’s not just about looking back, it’s about looking forward. Summed up with this year’s theme“DO | DREAM | DARE."

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