Case Study

Kilcoy Global Foods

Birtinya, Queensland
1,300 sqm


The well-known global exporters, Kilcoy Global Foods (KGF) chose to reengage Amicus after successfully delivering their office fitout in 2019. Their ambitious plan was to create ainnovative hybrid-working and hospitality space able to become the centre of excellence in the industrySpecifically, KGF wished to create a single facility which immersed customers and staff in a food journey, from paddock to table. new hub concept which would be the first of its kind in the Australian meat industry

The challenge was adapting an office which was designed for a single purpose to have the capability to be transformed into a bar/canapé space, butchery facilities with racking and a walk-in cool room, freezer, wash and dry roomplus a full theatre kitchen and a fully functioning office space 


As experts in delivering flexible spaces, Amicus was able to create a whole new concept for the facility, building ‘The Hub’ with multiple functions and styles. Creating an original first of its kind sensory experience and highlighting high-quality meats within a rich, masculine, and contemporary interior. 

Inspired by the elements of richly marbled meats and reflected in the burgundy veined marble bar top and tile surrounds, hanging meat is displayed in stand-out locations. All while backing onto a theatre commercial kitchen incorporating the sense of paddock to plate. Textures are influenced from a rural country paddock setting, through warm, handcrafted solid timber tables and rustic dark hardwood timber floors. A moody and robust atmosphere is softened with locally artisan-made delicate brass lighting and detailing. 

Delivered in perfect timing as planned before commencing of works, Amicus was able to actualise an imaginative work and leisure space for KGF to share their passion for wholesome, great-tasting food while creating a new space that perfectly reflects Kilcoy’s values and vision. 


KGF and Amicus successfully actualised a market leading space which fortifies Kilcoy position as an industry leaderThis world leading innovation hub provides the whole supply chain an opportunity to develop margin growth opportunities that will ensure their industry an exciting and sustainable futureThe Hub is a home for staff while also being an exciting centre for customers, enhancing their customer experience and helping facilitate authentic and new relationships. 

The successful completion of this project nurtured the pre-existing bond between Kilcoy Global Foods and Amicus and acted as an example of client satisfaction and a life-long engagement.  

This world-leading innovation hub provides the whole supply chain an opportunity to develop margin growth opportunities that will ensure our industry an exciting and sustainable future.
- Dean Goode, Chief Executive Officer, AT KGF
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