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Amicus Finance Case Study: Siemens Gamesa


How financing helped Siemens Gamesa address their business needs to allow for growth. 


Siemens Gamesa were seeking an audio-visual solution for their current workplace build. Budget constraints and internal approvals to overseas HQ were key considerations driving the audio-visual solution and spend. The initial design was worth ~$100,000, however it was not an optimal solution or the preferred equipment, which was acknowledged by Siemens. Siemens were conscious that the solution would potentially be only temporary as the current  technology would become obsolete and their business needs likely to change.

An approach was made to the customer on whether they would consider a financing solution that enabled them to upgrade and refresh without taking on ownership risk.

Finance Discussion

Siemens accepted the offer to discuss what finance options could be provided by Amicus. In preparation for the meeting an indicative quote based upon the current bill of materials (~$100,000) was designed for 3, 4 and 5 year rental options.

In addition, Amicus Technology had identified some “upgrade options” which would improve the audio-visual solution for Siemens. These additional options were worth ~$35k. The below table was provided to Siemens, highlighting the cost per month for both options (deal sizes ~$100k versus ~$135k).

Siemens Gamesa Finance figures

Value Proposition

By presenting to Siemens Gamesa the cost per month for the two solutions and the superior outcome of using an improved tech solution, Amicus was able to continue the “solution discussion” by highlighting:

•   What equipment should be owned versus rented
•  The best investment term for Siemens based upon the type of equipment
•  The ability to add the Condeco Licence to the solution
•  The ability to package in “maintenance” and onsite “AV services” across the rental term
•  Additional equipment to further enhance the employee experience


Siemens Gamesa are now spending >$230k, financed over 36 months, to provide high tech audio-visual solutions, Condeco licenses and premium support services

financed office technology solutions

The Result


Siemens achieved solutions that have enabled them:
•  To refresh their technology in 3 years time (keeps Amicus engaged).
•  Have an option to own (keep) the equipment after 3 years.
•  Convert Condeco annual license to monthly payments.
•  Finance AV support services over 3 years.
•  Avoid HQ discussions on a $230k upfront cash outlay! 


We have provided them with:
•  A rental product, with the option to purchase the equipment after 36 months.
•  Rental for the Condeco License and Support Services.
•  They have the option of using our services to pick-up the returning 
equipment or return the equipment to us (we always recommend using 
our services as it is cheaper and can be pre-financed).


They will have access to:
•  The latest AV equipment.
•  Large screens and desktop monitors.
•  Cabling and ancillary items to support the AV equipment.
•   Room booking services.


They will be using:
•  Condeco Room Booking.
•  Access to in-life AV premium support services.
•  Potentially end of lease services such as packaging, collection, disk- 
wiping, refurbishing equipment.
•  There is also the option to “swap-out” or upgrade the technology 
during the rental term.

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