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What's Happening in the Workplace? (And What Does It Mean for Schools?)


What's Happening in the Workplace? (And What Does It Mean for Schools?)


Just across the fence from the world of schools is the world of the workplace that many parents experience and that many students soon need to navigate.

Recently, the COVID pandemic has rapidly disrupted assumptions about working and the workplace. Organisations that were otherwise operating on a 9am to 5pm model with fixed seating and line-of-sight management have found themselves having to lean, instead, on trust, communication, and the value of shared intent.

Having worked intimately with both schools and corporates, Steve Collis will compare the two worlds in this session and ask what the implications of the workplace disruption are for schools and learning innovation.

Participants of this session will have a chance to be 'instantly informed' on the latest research on the impact of COVID on employee experience as well as a range of specific 'from the front lines' anecdotes and observations from a consultant who has spent 2020 walking the change journey with a range of organisations.

They'll also be able to identify a range of opportunities for learning innovation that arise from the experience of working parents at this time.

Finally, they'll have a chance to identify several important dynamics in the intersection between physical space and human experience. They'll see how these dynamics apply in parallel ways in both learning environments and workplace environments. They'll be shown some promising directions workplace directions that could reshape learning environments and transform the learner experience.

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