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Transforming your office for hybrid working


Transforming your office for hybrid working

Hybrid working, a blend of working from home and the office is emerging as one of the key post-COVID workplace trends. While it sounds simple in theory, getting it right in practice means re-thinking office design, technology and the protocols that drive behaviours.


So how can hybrid working impact how much space you need? Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Create the right meeting spaces is critical to making hybrid working a success. This will include larger rooms or semi-enclosed spaces designed around screens and VC technology. The spaces need to be designed with the remote user in mind – what can they see and hear? How well can they participate?
  2. Consider small VC/phone booths or rooms – the frequency of Teams or Zoom calls will increase and you need to have the spaces where these can happen with privacy or without disturbing others.
  3. Get the technology right – this includes screen height, good quality audio and video, voice tracking cameras and the adoption of collaboration software. You need to ensure that remote attendees can participate just as well as those in the room.
  4. Define meeting etiquettes – this may be defining what activities are face to face and what can be done virtually, or simply when videos need to be on. Clearly outlining behaviour expectations enables everyone to align on how to work effectively.

How well organisations succeed at hybrid working is all about getting the details right – whether it be re-designing the office space, upgrading technology, or implementing a new policy. Failure to set up hybrid working for success can undermine the productivity and wellness benefits of working from home, and drive people into the office.

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