Workplace Strategy for Hybrid Working


The Future Workplace in 2024 

How should culture, technology and the face-to-face workplace fit together in a changed world? Our experts share concise “how to” advice for getting these right for your people and your vision for high performance.

Your future workplace

The pandemic has dramatically disrupted how we work. We may have thought it was temporary disruption, where we make a few adjustments, and all will eventually return to normal. It’s not turned out that way.

How do you create a strategy for the new workplace and ways of working? A good plan is more than nominating a number of days in the office.

This is not a good time for playing ‘wait and see’. Simply exhorting staff to ‘come back’ may fall flat if the office experience is a ghost town.

Right now each organisation needs a workplace strategy that re-aligns workspace, technology and ways of working with organisational purpose, employee experience & culture.

The strategy needs, at least, to work within budget parameters, and perhaps even include cost reductions in the event that property can be consolidated.

Questions organisations should be considering to shape a successful hybrid workplace strategy

  • Should we be downsizing our office now or will people eventually return in force?
  • Are your team members working at home without the workspace provision they need to adequately fulfill their role? And what’s the action plan if they don’t?
  • How do you effectively collaborate over Teams or Zoom, is it even possible?
  • Is your office space busy in some areas and completely empty in others? Do people want to collaborate but find that half the people they want to see aren’t in the office at the same time?
  • What is the best approach for your specific business: remote first, hub and spoke, office-first, or a blended operating model? And how can you figure it out?

How we increased employee experience scores by 20% and saved millions of dollars

These questions aren’t actually new, and prior to COVID we worked through them with over 75 organisations who were already ready to tackle them for reasons other than the disruption caused by the pandemic.

Our recent case study of a $20 million saving over 10 years is not uncommon.

Ultimately the way we achieve this is through a mapping process that:

  • starts with sensitivity to the overall business strategy and purpose
  • uncovers the most powerful ‘moments that matter’ to staff
  • differentiates where needed between the staff ’personas’ – differing roles have differing work styles and needs
  • identifies just the right ‘enablers’ to bring organisational success and individual productivity together.

Introducing Touchline

The research and recommendations model we use, called ‘Touchline’, leaves you with:

Hard data from our analytical tools so you know you’re not guessing, consistent with worldwide research carried out since the pandemic.

A set of ‘signature stories’ demonstrating your future state that staff and leaders can endorse and be inspired by actions for the design of your space, technology, and change management that are ready to go and budgeted within your constraints.

Clearly articulated answers to all the big questions about workplace culture, workplace EVP, talent retention, etc.

Our Workplace Strategy Team

We’re a passionate team who believe that the right workplace direction is one that is personalised to the organisation and its people. Our first instinct is to ‘tune in’ to what is special and distinctive about where you’ve come from and where you’re heading – this is why our solutions are successful. The moment we love most is when a picture of the future come into ‘shared focus’ in such a way that leaders say ‘yes!’.
Steve Collis
Steve’s light bulb moment was on Day 1 of being a High School teacher. It struck him how deeply our environments – and the assumptions that come with them - shape how we think, feel and behave. This insight led to a blur of teaching awards, international keynotes, academic publishing and leadership roles. On 2016 he joined the commercial world, focusing on organisational culture and flexibility. An expert in hybrid work set ups, Steve mixes inspiring facilitation, data, and diplomacy to find the right answers to the big questions about the future workplace, ways of working and the human experience.
Lisa Justice
Lisa has spent over 15 years researching and strategising around the lived experience of teams and the impact of the built environment on the employee and client experience. Her particular passion is workplace wellbeing, which she sees a foundation for other strategic imperatives such as productivity or the embrace of collaboration. Lisa is as comfortable facilitating C-Suite strategy conversations as she is connecting one on one with staff on the ground. Take the two together and you have Lisa’s perfect recipe: a vision for a workplace that is both transformational and instantly credible at the front lines.

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Workplace experts since 2005

office help pod design

Over the years, the Workplace Strategy team at Amicus has assisted organisations of every size, shape and industry to establish workplace environments that bring out the very best in their people. In many instances, our clients have won awards for projects that we were proud to support with strategic visioning and change advice.

For our team, the issues COVID has brought to the surface are nothing new. For many years prior to the pandemic, we helped our clients successfully deploy high flex ways of working matched with a smaller office footprint and enhanced use of technology. This is simply a great idea whose time has now come.

And our secret sauce? More than anything we know how to build a shared picture of the future that everyone can say yes to. The picture frame consists of well choreographed physical spaces (home, office, other), technologies, and ways of working. And the picture itself… is all about the people!

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A very interesting method to help leaders of a business to come together and work on the virtual, physical and culture challenges that impact people's engagement at work.
- Amy Childs, Momentum Energy
Touchline is a great tool to help break down the ‘what if’ out of any change strategy. I found this session to clear any confusion around moving forward with our upcoming projects.
- Lindsay Farquhar, Amway
Our company is going through a big change process. It's daunting, but today's session with Amicus and the practical tools they have presented gives me a lot of confidence and ideas for tackling the next step.
- Derek Sadubin, CAPA
Touchline is a practical and engaging tool to help businesses get to the heart of their challenges and create a proactive and collaborative approach for solving them.
- Leigh Meagher, Hydro Tasmania

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