Case Study


Richmond, Victoria
740 sqm
Completed 2023


Garda Property Group, a leading property developer, sought to optimise their new property in Richmond, Melbourne, for prospective tenants. Engaged to design a tailored space, Amicus was tasked with creating a sleek and functional environment.

As the project matured, plans evolved, and the focus shifted towards crafting a premium speculative suite with a broader appeal. With a pressing need to secure a tenant swiftly, efficiency was paramount in project delivery. 


Amicus' design team conceptualised a contemporary workspace exuding sophistication, characterised by a soft, light, and neutral colour palette. Drawing inspiration from Australian flora and natural elements, the design incorporated organic textures to instil a calming and inviting ambiance. Noteworthy features included rounded forms, curved profiles, and accentuated joinery elements, all enhanced by strategic lighting. The kitchen and breakout area were particularly emphasised, fostering a hospitality-rich environment to elevate user experience. 

Given the project's various directional shifts during pre-construction and construction phases, Amicus' project management team prioritised responsiveness and efficiency. This involved adhering to budgetary constraints, implementing tenant-requested changes, and adhering to tight schedules while meeting the client's expectations for a high-end, sleek design. 

Project Gallery


Amicus' integrated construction, interior design, and project management services ensured seamless project delivery, meeting Garda's expectations, needs, and timeline constraints.

The resulting space epitomised contemporary workplace design trends, offering a tranquil office environment. The positive experience fostered a strong professional relationship between Amicus and Garda.

Notably, despite ongoing construction, neighbouring tenants expressed strong interest in the newly designed space, enabling Garda to secure a new tenant before the project's official completion. 


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