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Collingwood, VIC
Levels 3 & 6, Approx. 3000 sqm
Completed 2024


In 2023, Hines successfully completed the development of the tallest mass timber office building in Melbourne, located at 36-52 Wellington Street in Collingwood. This project marks Hines’ first endeavour in the Asia-Pacific region to implement the T3 strategy, which emphasises Timber, Transit, and Technology.

Situated in the rapidly gentrifying Melbourne Fringe suburb of Collingwood, T3 Collingwood offers exceptional transport connectivity and proximity to the Melbourne Central Business District. The location is particularly appealing to tech, creative, and medical/health industry tenants due to its amenity-rich urban environment, which includes common social areas, large tenant terraces, public third-space activation, and premium End-of-Trip facilities for cyclists, joggers, and walkers.


We were engaged in a design and construct model in partnership with Made For to design and construct a series of unique speculative office suites within the T3 building. Each suite is distinct in size and aesthetic, designed to attract a diverse range of tenants.

Made For were guided by conceptual design pillars unique to each of the tenancies designed and constructed in partnership with Amicus at the new T3 building. Looking to the history, personality and aspirations of Collingwood, the location of the new T3 building, each tenancy was designed with a meaningful part of the suburb at the core of the design.

Instead of adhering to the generic, 'one size fits all' approach to spec suite design, we focused on creating more tailored and thoughtfully considered spaces. This shift away from this traditional spec suite design philosophy allowed us to more deeply speak to the specific clientele of the area, such as creative professionals, tech businesses, healthcare, and young teams.

The design process prioritised showcasing the natural beauty of the building’s timber construction while highlighting key base building features. Strategic placement of intertenancy walls and built forms was carefully planned to work around existing services, ensuring an efficient and cohesive design.

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The T3 Collingwood project is a prime location for innovative businesses. The mass timber construction enhances aesthetics and promotes sustainability.

By moving away from a generic design approach and focusing on the specific needs and preferences of our target clientele, we aimed to create spec suites that not only attract but also retain tenants in the building. The collaboration between Made For, Amicus, Hines’ development team, and the leasing team was integral in bringing these spaces to life, making them appealing and functional for prospective tenants.

Excellent transport connectivity and versatile spec suites attract diverse tenants. Social areas, terraces, and state-of-the-art facilities foster a community atmosphere and healthy lifestyle. With Amicus's expert project management and construction, the project sets a new standard for office spaces in Melbourne, combining modern design, functionality, and sustainability.

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